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Holidays in Guanacaste

Delight In The Luxury Of Our Guanacaste Costa Rica Hotel
Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Costa Rica at our Guanacaste hotel. Discover a place where one can enjoy the possibilities offered by the privileged surroundings - relaxation and water activities on the beautiful beaches; diving or fishing in the waters of the Pacific; and eco-tourism in the volcanic areas and natural sanctuaries.

All this with a sophisticated, select range of tourism services that are fully integrated into a fragile medium which is of great ecological value.

Guanacaste is less tropical, humid and exuberant than the rest of the country. Its plains and dry forests sometimes remind one of the African savannah landscape. The interior is the land of 'sabaneros', the local cowboys. Driving their herds on horseback, they have become authentic figures of popular culture.

Five-Star Amenities And Services At This All-Inclusive Guanacaste Hotel
This new Riu Guanacaste Costa Rica hotel is located on the seafront in the beautiful region of Guanacaste, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. As well as a superb range of leisure possibilities, the hotel offers five modern, fully-equipped conference rooms, and fine restaurants.

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