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General wedding policies

The couple and 80% of their guests must stay at the same resort where the wedding will be performed. Only 20% of the total group can stay at a sister property or other hotel chain.
If clients are staying at other chain hotel and they wish to attend to the wedding, there will be a charge of a day pass of $45.00 USD per person. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Couples must respect the arrival date, they have to arrive at least two (2) full business days for symbolic/religious ceremony and three (3) full business days for a civil ceremony, prior the wedding date (not counting weekends, National Holidays and the arrival day).
Weddings are not performed on National holidays or Sundays.

Confirmed weddings cancelled within a month of the ceremony date or upon arrival to the hotel will be charged a cancellation fee of $250.00 USD.

Maximum capacity of Riu Merengue: 60 people.
External vendors are allowed if they are staying at the Hotel where the wedding will be performed or if they pay a Vendor's Fee of $250.00 USD per person (Photographers/videographers there is an exclusivity agreement with an specific company please refer your questions to the wedding sales executive)

Documentation (Only for civil/legal ceremonies)

  1. Birth Certificate with the parent´s name (Long Form) (Translated into Spanish. Must be certificate by an official Judge at the Dominican Republic Consulate at your country)
  2. Regular Copies of Passports
  3. Regular Copies of 2 witnesses Passports (Relatives can not be witnesses, sister, brothers, parents, etc)
  4. Single declaration (Translated into Spanish. Must be Legalized by an official Judge at the Dominican Republic Consulate at your country)
  5. Divorce Certificates, Translated into Spanish and Legalized by an official Judge at the Dominican Republic Consulate at your country. (If applicable)
  6. Death Certificate, Translated into Spanish and Legalized by an official Judge at the Dominican Republic Consulate at your country. (If applicable)
  7. Written parental consents Notarized (Notarized Document under 18 years)
WEDO is an Agency that works with the Dominican Consulate and they legalize the documents of our customers. They have one office in Houston and Santo Domingo. You will be able to contact them at www.wedo.com.do

-The above documentation must to be sent by e-mail to the MICE Manager (mice.pop@riu.com) at least one month before your arrival date.

-Please bring all your original documents in any language and their translations in Spanish to the MICE Manager for your personal interview.

Witnesses: For Civil Ceremonies you will need 1 witness for the Bride and 1 witness for the Groom. Relatives can not be witnesses, sister, brothers, parents, etc.

Divorce: In the Dominican Republic, men can remarried a day after they receive the Divorce Certificate. Women need to wait 10 months after they received the Divorce Certificate.

IMPORTANT: If the bride or the groom own the Nationality of the country where the wedding will be performed, they need to notify this information in advance to the Sales Executive due that these type of marriages need to follow different legal requirements.

IMPORTANT: Please take in consideration that all Ceremonies (Civil & Symbolic) are perform in Spanish language by the Judge / Minister; while he performs his/her speech the onsite wedding coordinator will translated it to English.

  • Translation into Spanish: The required documents must be translated into Spanish by a certified translation office/bureau in your country. This process must be done before your arrival to the hotel.
  • Apostille: Is a certified seal that authenticates the signature of the public official who has signed the document. An apostille certificate confirms the person who signed a document has the authority to do so and that the document should therefore be recognized as legal without further evidence in another member state of the Hague Convention. The Apostille must be required in the State where the document was made. The Foreign Offices of each state and country can provide the apostille. In fact, you should apostille the documents before arrive to the hotel.
  • Blood Tests: Are required for legal weddings in Mexico. HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and all the STD´s are tested. Tests must be performed in Mexico by a certified doctor (for the medical certificate). The onsite wedding coordinator will arrange the doctor appointment in your hotel room. It is very important to mention that If one of the tests appears positive the ceremony cannot be performed.

Marriage certificate

We kindly ask you to verify the procedure that you will have to follow in order to legalize your marriage in your country, as sometimes an apostille is required. If you need to Apostille your Marriage Certificate, please be advised that you will have to cover the amount of this service.
*Couples from Switzerland, Holland and Belgium will need to follow a different procedure.
If this is your case, please contact your MICE Manager in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to get further information.
  • For Civil & Religious weddings: The marriage certificate will be given to the couple at the end of the Ceremony in Spanish. If you require a copy of your marriage certificate please inform your onsite wedding coordinator during your interview.
  • Important:
    As each country has specific requirements, we would recommend you to contact your respective Embassy or Consulate in order to get the complete information regarding the procedure that you have to follow in order to legalize your Marriage Certificate in your country. * Riu Hotels and Resorts is not responsible of this legal procedure.
  • For Symbolic weddings & Renewal of Vows: The couple will receive a marriage certificate without legal bearing on the wedding date.

Do you want to to get married here from ?

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