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Montego Bay in 2 days

The exclusive Mahoe Bay, in the north of Jamaica, lies just a few kilometers away from Montego Bay. Its idyllic location makes it the perfect place not only to relax on its beaches by crystal clear seas, but also to discover some of the region’s highlights, and enjoy the wide range of activities and sports available and the excellent golf courses in the area.

Here, we give you some ideas you might enjoy during your stay at the Hotel Riu Montego Bay or Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica.

Day 1

In order to get into the Jamaican atmosphere, you could start your day by visiting the Sam Sharpe Memorial, in the main square of Montego Bay, with a statue of this 19th-century leader of the slave rebellion. Take a stroll around the square and you will also see The Cage, a former lock-up for slaves; and walk from the square towards the seafront and you will have the opportunity to wander round the local craft market. If you have time, do not miss the Bob Marley Experience and Theater, a center dedicated to this musician, a true national hero in Jamaica, where you can find out everything about his life and about reggae.

In the afternoon, experience the island’s natural environment. If you are looking for something romantic and relaxing, go to Martha Brae River and enjoy the amazing experience of lying on a bamboo raft and drifting down the river; if it’s hot, don’t forget your bathing suit and your guide will be happy to show you the places where you can go swimming. If you body needs something more exciting, you can go to the Montego Bay marina and hire the equipment you need to go diving in these crystalline Caribbean waters. If you have never tried diving or snorkeling, you can get an instructor to go with you and help you explore the sea plants and animals in the area. If going underwater is just not for you, but you fancy seeing coral reefs, shipwrecks and exotic fish, there are glass-hulled boats in which you can sit down and relax while you admire the underwater marvels here.

To finish you day, your RIU Hotel in Montego Bay offers all the flavors and rhythms of Jamaica with an impressive variety of dishes and a great evening entertainment program.

Day 2

On your second day in Montego Bay, you can take a tour that will give you a closer look at Jamaican culture and traditions. There are many options you can choose from, depending on your interests and tastes.

However, since you are in Jamaica, your first choice should be a visit to the Rastafarian Indigenous Village, where you can learn about this community’s music and food, as well as their spectacular jumps into the sea and the boats they use to go fishing. On the way, there is a lovely walk through the forest that leads you to your destination.

If you love a mystery, don’t miss the Rose Hall Great House, an impressive relic of colonial times that presided over a vast plantation. The place is noted for the legend of a white witch from the 18th century who once practiced voodoo.

Another suggestion, this time for animal lovers, is a visit to the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, just a half-hour drive by car or bus. This place is home to over 200 bird species, many with striking colors. You will be able to feed some of them with your own hands.

Our last suggestion is for those who would like to find out about one of the country’s main economic resources: fruit plantations. The Croydon Plantation welcomes visitors and shows them how pineapples go from the tree to the table, and how each part of this fruit is used. On your way to the plantation you will spot a number of villages where you can observe the local way of life, away from those areas more frequented by tourists.

In the evening, we recommend one of the most beautiful sights that nature can offer by night: the Glistening Waters, a stunning lagoon home to a rare phosphorescent microbe that, when moved, creates a unique display of light. So, when these organisms are disturbed by the movement of boats, fish or your own body (if you decide to go swimming here), the water glows. This phenomenon is said to occur only in four places in the world, and Jamaica’s is considered to be the finest.

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