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  • Hotel Riu Helios Bay

    Hotel Riu Helios Bay All Inclusive

    Located on Obzor's beachfront, the Hotel Riu Helios Bay is surrounded by lush gardens overlooking Bulgaria's wonderful Black Sea.

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  • Hotel Riu Pravets Resort

    Hotel Riu Pravets Resort

    The Hotel Riu Pravets is located on the edge of a lake in the pleasant town of Pravets, just 40 minutes from Sofia.

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  • Hotel Riu Helios Paradise

    Hotel Riu Helios Paradise All Inclusive 24 hours

    The ClubHotel Riu Helios Paradise, right on the beach, off the coast of the Black Sea, is an ideal choice for all those looking for a holiday that combines entertainment and relaxation.

  • Hotel Riu Helios

    Hotel Riu Helios All Inclusive

    Located on the shores of the Black Sea, on the sea front of Sunny Beach and very close to the town centre, lies the Hotel Riu Helios.