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See all »  Pictures of RIU Hotels & Resorts

Soak Up The Colorful Heritage Of Riu’s Marrakech Hotel

The Red Town, the Pearl of the South... this city has many names, all of which describe it well. But to really feel it, you have to visit our Marrakech hotel. There is a medieval air about its medina. Its alleyways form labyrinths where losing oneself is a pleasure.
The smells and sounds of the souks, the delicate beauty of its mosques, the unique spectacle of Djemaa el Fna square and the vitality of the people will transport you to another era. Added to all the charm of Marrakech are excellent golf courses and interesting excursions on which you can discover Berber lands and adobe villages.

Historic Charm And Modern Allure Surround Our Marrakech Morocco Hotel
Enjoy unforgettable family holidays at our Marrakech Morocco hotel. Encircled by a lush palm grove, this dazzling, all-inclusive retreat is approximately 5km from Marrakech's lovely medina.

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