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Una celebración rodeada de la exuberante vegetación de Coclé.

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Políticas de boda Generales

The couple and 80% of your guests must stay at the Riu Hotel where the wedding will be performed. Only 20% of the group can stay at another hotel chain. 

Guests staying at another hotel chain, will have to cover the cost of a day pass to attend the ceremony and dinner.

The couple must arrive at the hotel at least two (3) full business days before the ceremony date to allow time to coordinate the final details of the event. It's important to mention that the day of arrival and Sunday are not considered business days. 

We don not perform weddings on Sundays or National holidays.

External vendors are allowed as long as they stay at the Hotel where the wedding will take place or if they cover a vendor's fee of $ 300.00 USD per person to enter the facilities.

Confirmed weddings that are canceled within one month of the ceremony date or on arrival at the Hotel, a cancellation fee applies of $ 250.00 USD.

Maximum capacity for weddings at Riu Playa Blanca: 40 persons.

Documentation (only civil ceremonies / legal)

According to the requirements of the Electoral Tribunal of Panama, the civil ceremonies require:

  1. Copy of identity card (ID) of the wedding couple.
  2. Birth certificates of the wedding couple.
  3. Single status certificate of the wedding couple.
  4. Good Healt Certificate, it has to state that the couple have the follow tests done:
    A-ITS/VIH (Executive Decree No. 119 of May 29th, 2001 , Article 15).
    C-Electrophoresis Hemogoblin (Sickle cell disease)
    D-VDRL (Syphilis)
    F -Biochemical analysis 
    G - Drug Test (Legal Foundation executive decree No. 47 of March 21st 1995)
    The diagnostic tests for sexually transmitted infections and human immunodeficiency virus, will be performed mandatory (Article 6, paragraph 6 of the National Act January 3rd, 2000).
  5. Two (2) witnesses who know the wedding couple, who are not related with them, each must bring a copy of identity card (ID).
  6. General information of the wedding couple parents.
  7. If wedding couple are foreign; all documents provide must be authenticated (apostille) by law in your country (Single Status Certificates, birth certificates, valid tourist visa, passport in original and copy)
  8. Medical certificates can not can be older than fifteen (15) days prior to the wedding date.
  9. Marriage Application, filled and signed by both parties, without corrections or scratches. (Document provided by weddings sales executive)
  10. Wedding couple and witnesses must bring each, their identity card or original passport at the time of the ceremony.   

    Documentation (only for religious ceremonies and vow renewals)

    No se requiere documentación

    • Important Foreign Citizens: Couples that does not speak the local language (Spanish) and if desire a Civil Ceremony; it will be necessary to hire an authorized translator by the Republic of Panama, these services are not included in the wedding package and therefore the couple will need to cover the amount for this services. 
      * Riu Hotels & Resorts is not responsible for this legal procedure or services.

    Marriage certificate

    No documentation is required.
    • For Civil Ceremony:
      The couple will receive an official marriage certificate in Spanish language after the ceremony,  you can use it to validate the change of marital status in your country. 
      In Panama, it takes about ...
    • For Religious weddings and Renewal of Vows: The couple will receive a "symbolic" marriage certificate with no legal value on the wedding day.

    Do you want to to get married here from ?

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