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Portugal - Algarve - Praia da Falésia
Algarve - Praia da Falésia
Algarve - Praia da Falésia
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Events and festivals

Portugal is a country that still retains many of its ancient customs, besides being an open and pleasant place in which there are made many cultural events. That is the reason why in the Algarve, apart from the beach, sun and food, you could enjoy a wide range of international festivals, traditional celebrations, and is possible to learn much about Portuguese culture. Enjoy your stay at the ClubHotel Riu Guaraná, and visit the south of Portugal. 

  • International festival of sand sculptures: Also known as FIESA, this festival is very popular. This is a mega exhibition of sand sculptures in the village of Pera, Algarve. Each year the organization chooses the topic, and many artists participate in the event, that is the world's largest in its class, both for the size of his sculptures as for the reserved area to perform. Thousands of visitors come to this outdoor gallery. If you go at night you will appreciate the beautifully illuminated sculptures, as well as live music.
  • International Jazz festival: during the month of July, the historic center of Loulé is transformed into a huge stage for some of the most recognized names in the world of Jazz. You'll hear the classic performers as well as modern and innovative groups, and will enjoy the blues, pop-rock, funk, and many more styles. Discover the friendly atmosphere of this outdoor festival, where meet every year thousands of foreign and local people.
  • Medieval days in Castro Marim: in late August, in the community of Castro Marim, are celebrated the medieval days, a four days long historical recreation that brings a spectacular parade. Both adults and children can enjoy and learn about the lifestyle of those days, full of ladies, knights, armors, bards, outdoor theater, horse racing, and even you can visit the spectacular medieval castle in the town.
  • Super Bock Surf Fest: If we combine surfing, music and beach, we obtain the most popular festival for young people, which is held in the town of Sagres. Professionals find surf, artists and surf workshops throughout the event. An unmissable event if you love this sport.
  • Silves Medieval Fair: if you visit this town in August, do not miss its Medieval Fair. This is a recreation of the fights between Muslims and Christians, in which thousands of people gather for one week to revive this golden era. Merchants, bards, knights and wizards, a multitude of medieval characters invite you to know this party, ideal for the enjoyment of both adults and children.
  • Algarve Classic Cars: This event is the largest of its kind in the entire Iberian Peninsula during July. It features more than 170 vintage cars making a route through several locations, as Albufeira, Lagoa, Loulé, Portimão, San Brás de Alportel and Silves. An event not to be missed if you like classic cars, and you can enjoy with the whole family.
  • International Motorcycle Concentration in Faro: For four days gather the most striking bikes, that fill and cheer the grounds of Faro. Also you will see several live concerts throughout the event.

Traditional festivals

Portugal is a predominantly Catholic country, so popular festivals and traditional religious celebrations occupy an important part of cultural life among the Portuguese. We recommend some annual festivals such as:

  • Carnival: when the almond trees begin to bloom, the Portuguese celebrate Carnival in almost all cities. For a few days you can enjoy the atmosphere, music, color and fun. Many clubs usually celebrate it in a big way, so we invite you to come to Loulé to find out why this celebration is so popular in Portugal.
  • Folk Dances: Portugal is a country that retains some of its oldest traditions. For the month of June, during the festival of San Antonio, San Pedro and San Juan gather thousands of people in different cities in the Algarve to celebrate the holidays, eating fresh sardines and drinking the best wine of the region, while colorfully dressed folk groups dance the Portuguese dances, like corridinho Dance, Baile da Roda and the Baile Mandado.
  • The Fado: If you want to understand why the Fado has been named Cultural Heritage of Humanity, we invite you to come into a traditional local with  live music, where many artists sing this kind of  Portuguese song. The Fado is still one unsolved mystery by the Portuguese, since no one knows exactly which is its origin.
  • The Mãe Soberana: the most important religious holiday in the Algarve is the Mãe Soberana, held in the town of Loulé. For several days is celebrated this religious and popular event. Starts on the first Easter Sunday with the procession carrying the statue of the Virgin Mary, which leads to the church of San Francisco.
  • Christmas: in Portugal, as in Spain, Christmas is celebrated with much enthusiasm, and that is why you will see on city streets  much decoration, and Christmas markets with local products. In most of our hotels you will find, at this time, shows for all ages, as well as specially prepared dishes for the holidays.
  • New Year's Eve:  what better way to end the year than celebrating it with us?. In almost all of our hotels you can dance, sing and celebrate the New Year with your family, with your partner or your friends. If you go to the city, you can access one of the many nightclubs, as almost all of them guarantee a special night with exclusive parties you will not forget.

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