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Portugal - Algarve - Praia da Falésia
Algarve - Praia da Falésia
Algarve - Praia da Falésia
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At buffet of ClubHotel Riu Guaraná you will find varied menus, and fresh products freshly prepared, which will make your stay even more enjoyable. But if curiosity takes you to the nearby towns and cities, you can enjoy homemade recipes and typical cuisine, an attraction for millions of tourists to visit the Algarve. Among the different dishes, we recommend some as:

  • Chorizo: Chorizo or linguiça of Portugal is a sausage that is characterized by its strong aromatic flavor, ideal to serve with bread and a good red local wine. In many bakeries sell bread stuffed with chorizo, and is usually eaten as a snack in the afternoon.
  • The Cream Cake: also known for Pastel de Belém, this little dessert, very traditional in Portugal, has its roots in the eighteenth century bakery, and is made of puff pastry and filled with cream. If you want to try it, taste it slightly warm, sprinkled with cinnamon, and not forgetting a good portuguese coffee.
  • The Soups: If you like a good quality fresh fish or a good homemade broth, do not forget to try the fish soup (sopa de Peixe) or chicken soup (Canja). The restaurants near the coast daily bring freshly caught fish from the Atlantic, to give aroma and flavor to these dishes.
  • Cod: Portugal is known worldwide for the quality of his fish, but if we had to point out a particular dish, it would be undoubtedly cod. It is said that there are over 1001 recipes to prepare this fish, all very tasty. Choose the one you want to try!
  • The Seafood: due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve is one of the best places to enjoy seafood. Many restaurants in the area put at your disposal the most delicious recipes, to discover the excellence of Portuguese cuisine, and its secrets in the preparation of seafood.
  • The Cheese: each region produces its own cheese, and there is a good variety of them in southern Portugal. Terrincho and Beira Baixa varieties are very prized, with predominance of sheep's milk cheeses. The Portuguese use to accompany their football game with a good dish of cheese, and red wine or a cold beer.
  • The Wines: When we talk about tradition, certainly we talk about wine. The Portuguese are great wine drinkers, but not any wine, since in the region produces wines of great quality. The best wineries prepare carefully each barrel of wine to extract the excellence it deserves. Although there are many varieties of wines, we recommend the Algarve region of Quinta do Barranco Longo, the Furral of Albufeira or Tapada da Torre.

Gastronomic Events

If you prefer to try a little bit of everything, and know the typical recipes of the Algarve, you can not miss these well known culinary events:

  • Algarve Chefs Forum
  • Algarve Chefs Week
  • Show Cooking
  • Allgarve Gourmet
  • Cataplana Experience
  • Cataplana restaurants contest

Portugal is known for many reasons, but one of the best is the intense and homemade flavor of its cuisine. Delight your palate with the best traditional dishes of this country, and taste their sweet desserts at one of the many cafes you'll find on their cities. Take a break drinking one of the best coffees in Europe, while enjoying the sea view of the  Algarve.

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