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Portugal - Madeira - Caniço de Baixo
Madeira - Caniço de Baixo
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Events and Festivities

Portugal is a country that retains many of its ancient traditions, so in Madeira, besides the beach, the sun and cuisine, you can enjoy international events, traditional festivals, and you can learn more about the culture of the island. Enjoy your stay at Hotel Riu Palace Madeira and visit this oasis full of secrets...

  • Hiking Festival: an event already well known among the residents of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. It is celebrated during the month of January, and for five days along there are excursions across the main hiking trails. Around four walks are Organized every day, and you have the opportunity to learn the history of the island, as there are expert guides who accompany you along the way.
  • Festival of orientation: the competition is organized by the Mountaineering Club of Funchal, which invites participants to know the surrounding countryside for three days, through prepared routes to be traveled on navigating with compass.
  • Flowers Festival: takes place during the spring and is certainly the most colorful event of the year. They organize activities, festivals, concerts, dances and the great flowers exhibition. The second day of the festival is celebrated with traditional dances from Madeira, a show that you must attend, to enjoy the festive atmosphere and watch the traditional costume of the dancers.
  • Jazz Festival: This event, which began a few years ago, has become steadily more popular, and is now one of the principal among those who are held on the island, as it brings many local and international artists, well as a good crowd. It is held in the gardens of Santa Catarina in the first week of July.
  • Columbus Festival: This festival is fully dedicated to Christopher Columbus during September. There are shows, music, shows and parades, based on his life in Madeira. To learn more about this explorer, you should visit the house where he married and lived, now converted into a museum.
  • Carnival: during carnival days you will see the two main parades, and students of the samba schools filling the streets, and creating a pleasant atmosphere. Clothing, colors, music and fun on the streets of the towns of Madeira.
  • Machico Gastronomy Week: Held in late July and early August. Throughout the week, visitors and residents can enjoy traditional Madeiran cuisine in addition to the various activities organized.

Traditional festivals

Portugal remains a predominantly Catholic country, so popular festivals and traditional celebrations related to religion are still important among the Portuguese. We recommend some annual festivals, such as:

  • Festival da Sé: a very traditional holiday in the island, that fill the old streets of downtown Funchal with folk dances, very colorful decorations and a lot of music, and restaurants work all day for serving the many people who go out to eat. It takes place between the months of May and June.
  • Festival do Monte: is considered the largest religious festival of the island, dedicated to the Senhora do Monte. Is celebrated to mid August around the famous church do Monte. Family and friends gather to dance, sing, eat and drink all night. The next day many Masses are celebrated, as a continuation of the religious celebration.
  • Christmas: during the holidays in Madeira, thousands of tourists come to the island, as the good weather and all the festive preparations are a spectacle not to miss. It starts in late November, when begin to instal the hanging multicolored lights that illuminate main streets and give life to the city. You can see many shows, holiday traditions and main market called Mercado dos Lavradores where tourists and residents gather for holiday shopping, eating, drinking and celebrating.
  • New Year's Eve: If you like fireworks, Madeira should be your next destination, because its fireworks display is one of the best in the world, getting into the Guinness Book of Records. You can see it well near the Bay in Funchal, but fireworks are dropped from the four cardinal points, turning the sky in to a bright colors festival that surrounds you.

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