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Portugal - Madeira - Caniço de Baixo
Madeira - Caniço de Baixo
Madeira - Caniço de Baixo
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In the buffet at Hotel Riu Palace Madeira you will find a varied menu and fresh products that will make your lunch and dinner enjoyable. But if curiosity takes you to the nearby towns and cities, you can enjoy the homemade recipes enjoyed by the thousands of tourists who visit the island. Among the different dishes we recommend some as:

  • Starters: although the starters are not the specialty of the region, we recommend you taste the bolo do caco, delicious bread with garlic butter and parsley, which is usually eaten at almost every meal. Also very popular are grilled limpets, rich and fresh, eaten with lemon and served with a good wine.
  • Soups: the most highlighted is the onions and tomatoes soup, a delicious dish that is served with a poached egg. Another good choice is the soup called Açorda: A soup made with strips of bread, garlic, poached egg, thyme and olive oil, without doubt the best choice if you want to warm the stomach during the winter time.
  • Espetada: These succulent brochettes of meat are marinated in wine and garlic. You'll find all kinds of meat: chicken, pork and beef. A very popular recipe throughout the island, very tasty.
  • Picados: a popular dish in this destination. These are pieces of fried beef served with red peppers and chips. It is usually eaten at family gatherings, and is ideal for dinner with several guests as all bite the same plate with chopsticks.
  • Fish: As a proper Atlantic island, Madeira offers a large variety of dishes with fish as the main character. Cod, swordfish, tuna, gaiado (skipjack tuna) and squid are among the most commonly used fish in its kitchen. One of the recipes that you can not miss is the swordfish with banana, a delicious white fish with banana, a pump of traditional and exotic flavors.
  • Sweets: if there is something that tourists stand in this country is the huge menu offering traditional sweets. In any bar or restaurant you will find a great variety, but the best known are the Queijadas, a delicious cake with ricotta, sugar and egg. Taste them beside a delicious portuguese coffee, and enjoy the perfect end for your meal.
  • Bolos de Mel: This is the most traditional sweet of the island, which has a delicious honey flavor. Its origin comes from the time when the island was one of the largest producers of sugar and honey.
  • Wines and Soft Drinks: If you are a wine enthusiast, here you will appreciate the quality and aroma of the characteristic wine, worldwide known, the so called Vinho da Madeira. Other drinks you can taste are well known, as the Vinho Seco, Poncha, and a drink called Nikita, which is made with white wine, vanilla ice cream, slices of pineapple and sugar.

Gastronomic events

If you prefer a taste of everything, and know the most typical recipes of the island, you can not miss these well known culinary events:

  • Gastronomy of Machico
  • Wine and Food Festival
  • Muestra de Plátano (Madalena do Mar)

Portugal is known for many reasons, but one major one is by the intense flavour of homemade recipes. Delight your palate with the best traditional dishes of this country, and taste their sweet desserts you'll find in the nearby cafes. Take a break drinking one of the best coffees in Europe while enjoying the sea in Madeira.

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