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In Madeira you will find many possibilities to move easily. Most sites have public transport information, informative maps of cities and prices and schedules. The easiest way to get to the Hotel Riu Palace Madeira is to fly from Lisbon airport to Madeira International Airport, and once in the terminal you can choose the mode of transport that suits you.

Madeira / Funchal International Airport

  • Taxi: the Arrival zone exit is on the ground floor of the airport, and you can easily find taxis, which are in front of the door. If you take a taxi to our hotel, it will take about 20 minutes to arrive.
  • Transfers: although we currently have not shuttle transfers included in the price, at the same airport you will find several companies that will take you to the hotel reception. They are usually quite fast and are a great option Should you wish to arrive quickly.
  • Bus: If you decide to travel by bus, we encourage you to learn the times and prices on the official website of the transport company. It's an easy way to get to your destination, although a bit slower. Most lines are operating with more frequency in the morning. In the Madeira Airport website you will find all the necessary information, and a detailed map of the area. note that the bus service arrives to the capital, but then you must take a taxi to the hotel.
  • Car rental: once you reach the airport you will also find several car rental companies. It's the easiest way to get to your destination, and you will not have trouble finding parking in the area. If you have GPS do not forget to have the address of the hotel in the navigator. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the hotel.

You can easily move from any location on the island, just a matter of choosing the way that best suits your needs. Using taxis, bus or car, you will find a thousand ways to travel throughout the island.

Special mention must be made about the roads of Madeira. There are stretches of highways and major roads, which connect major population centers, but keep in mind that Madeira is a very mountainous island, and there are many steepy, narrow and winding roads. They reach impressive places, and the views are spectacular, but you should be an expert driver if you are renting a car to explore the island.

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