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Events and festivals

Formentera is an island full of traditions, celebrations and festivals. Throughout the year you could see how the islanders still maintain their ancient traditions. We suggest you to discover some of them, to make your stay in our Hotel Riu La Mola even more enjoyable.


  • Flower Power Party: the island during the day is a paradise, turquoise waters, white sand and nice weather, but by evening, the island is transformed ... In early summer, the Flower Power party in La Mola gathers many tourists, visitors and residents, who come to enjoy this party set in the hippie era, to the rhythm of important DJs. You might also find some celebrity who has been dropped there, something quite common.
  • Sant Jaume Festivities: during the second half of July is celebrated in Sant Francesc the Sant Jaume festivities, the patron saint of the island. It's time to enjoy many activities such as contests, sports competitions, traditional dances, theater, concerts and parties.
  • Harvesting: several festivals are organized during the time of harvesting grapes. The wine is still being made on the traditional way, grape treading. Is produced a wine with high grade, dark and full of flavor.


  • Pagés dance: traditional dance called "ball pagés" is normally held during the most popular festivities like Christmas, Sant Jaume or the day of the Virgen del Carmen. Color, music and tradition, a beautiful expression of the popular culture of Formentera.
  • Textiles: women formerly were responsible for weaving the woolen garments of the family, and since then it has become a traditional activity that still continues in the small towns of the island. Wool garments could be bought in markets and shops of Formentera.
  • Christmas Caramelles: This is a very old song, heralding the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas night. This traditional form of folklores replaces many times the priest's sermon. You can listen it during the midnight mass on Christmas Eve, in the churches of Formentera.

Enjoy your visit to know directly the culture and traditions of Formentera. Food, dance, landscapes, history and nature, a whole world to discover, and a holidays to enjoy on this small Mediterranean island.

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