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Spain - Fuerteventura
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See all »  Pictures of RIU Hotels & Resorts

A Treasure Trove Of Riu Fuerteventura Hotels

Explore the stunning landscape surrounding our Fuerteventura resorts in Spain. A gift of volcanoes, the "tranquil island" emerges from the Atlantic Ocean like a desert. The large dunes formed by the winds that bring sand directly from the Sahara Desert enter the sea peacefully, forming unique sandbanks.

Its waters, with characteristic turquoise tones that contrast with the predominant ochre of the surroundings, are perfect for practising a wide variety of water sports. Lose yourself in the alluring island seclusion of our Fuerteventura hotel resort accommodation.

Delight In Simply Spectacular Fuerteventura Resorts
Witness the breathtaking natrual beauty of our Fuerteventura hotels. Far from the large crowds, the volcanic charm of this island and the generous sun that visits it most of the year make it the perfect place in which to spend an exceptional holiday.

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