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Spain - Gran Canaria
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See all »  Pictures of RIU Hotels & Resorts

RIU’s Majestic Gran Canaria Hotels

The sobriquet of "miniature continent" is no coincidence. The landscapes surrounding our Gran Canaria hotel resorts are a near-interminable collection of ecosystems, microclimates and the landscapes that accompany them. The coast, with scarce vegetation, stands out for its heavenly beaches and infrastructures that allow for perfect holidays.

In the interior, it's the deep ravines, abrupt valleys and canyons that prevail, hiding lost villages, rivers, lakes and vegetation that are unimaginable on the shores. The south, protected from clouds and squalls by the rocky wall formed by the mountains, enjoys sun all year round and average temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius.

It is difficult to resist Gran Canaria, Spain: relaxation, sports, fiesta and culture await you on this fortunate isle. Enjoy a breathtaking range of activities, sports and entertainment at our Gran Canaria Spain hotels.

Stunning Year Round Beauty At Our Gran Canaria Spain Hotels
Escape to our Gran Canaria hotels to relax and enjoy the comfort of the dazzling Spanish coast. From majestic desert landscapes to lush vegetation and heavenly beaches, this region is a wondrous "miniature continent" of natural beauty.

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