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Mallorca hides wonderful places that invite you to enjoy nature and its different landscapes that make this island a unique place. So in addition to offer the best service in our Hoteles Riu in Mallorca, we want your stay to be special, and to show you the treasures of culture and nature of Mallorca. We propose the following excursions:

In Palma de Mallorca

The city of Palma, the capital of Majorca, was founded by the Romans in BC s.II. Dominated by vandals, Muslims, and finally conquered by Catalans in 1229, the city is a gem that joins archaeological remains, ancient Renaissance city walls, Gothic buildings, palaces of the nobility and medieval districts. But all this does not mean that Palma is not a cosmopolitan city. Is modern, and a very important commercial center where you could buy all sorts of crafts and souvenirs. There are several places you can not miss:

  • Cathedral of Palma: called simply "La Seo" by the locals, the cathedral is the main religious building on the island. It was built during the period 1230-1601 and its gothic style attracts the attention of any visitor. It is also the cathedral with the largest gothic rose window in the world. Apart from delight yourself watching the building and its superb location by the sea, surprises also await inside, such as areas decorated by the famous catalonian architect Gaudi, a chapel decorated entirely by the world famous mallorcan artist Miquel Barcelo, or its impressive pillars on the central nave, erected by the famous medieval architect Guillem Sagrera. Visits are made every day, where you could know its origin and history, in addition to the diocesan museum.
  • The Almudaina: is an ancient fortified palace, residence of the Muslim rulers of the island, and later of medieval kings. Today is still the official residence of the Kings of Spain in Mallorca. Located next to the Cathedral, on top of a small hill, the view of the whole architectural complex surrounded by gardens and parks, is spectacular.
  • The Lonja: This is a beautiful medieval building, one of the finest examples in civil mediterranean gothic style. Is in the seafront of Palma, near the Cathedral, and was built between 1426 and 1448 by architect Guillem Sagrera, and served as a commercial center, in which met the merchants and traders, in the thriving medieval town. Highlights include spectacular and towering columns, and beautiful sculptures.
  • Spanish town: One of the most entertaining and interesting tours is that of the Spanish Village. Located in Palma, is a tourist attraction that recreates close to a hundred of the most famous monuments and buildings in Spain. The place offers craft shops, restaurants and bars. A perfect tour for families looking to spend a nice afternoon with the children.
  • Castell de Bellver: is located over a hundred meters above sea level, on a wooded hill near Palma, and offers stunning views of the Bay of Palma. It is a spectacular Gothic fortress overlooking the bay. It was built between 1300 and 1310, and is one of the few castles in the world with a round base. Its name comes from the old catalan language "Bell veer", that means beautiful view, and inside you can visit the museum of history of the city. The view from their battlements is magnificent.

In the Serra of Tramuntana

The north of Mallorca is dominated by the spectacular Serra of Tramuntana, a long mountain chain over 120 kilometers long, full of hiking trails, rustic villages full of charm, rugged landscapes and wonderful coves. This whole place has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and we recommend that you approach the Serra to enjoy an unrivaled route. We highlight several places:

  • Alaró castle: the castle has Roman and Muslim origins, is located on a steep mountain near the village of Alaró. The tour that climbs to the fortress is very popular on the island, you could enjoy the trip along a beautiful trail, and you'll find at the top the Sanctuary of the Holy Mother of the Refuge, plus stunning views. It is also interesting to approach to the cave of the Castle, which is accessed by a narrow passage, and opens onto the cliffs to offer a spectacular panorama.
  • Valldemossa: the main attraction of this town is definitely the feeling that brings its natural environment. Its ancient buildings, narrow cobbled streets and squares have a magical charm, all seasoned with the mountainous landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana. The main visits are due to the birthplace of St. Catherine Thomas, a thirteenth century church and the monastery where stayed for some years the romantic couple composed by Chopin and Georges Sand, as well as famous cultural characters as Santiago Russinyol, Ruben Dario, Jovellanos and many more. Do not miss their famous potato Cokes, a delicious local sweet bun, eaten accompanying almond ice cream or hot chocolate.
  • Deià: This small town is an inspiration for many artists. Figures such as Mike Oldfield, Michael Douglas, Robert Graves and many others, have lived here. Its location, on a hill along the cliffs that descend to the sea in the Serra de Tramuntana, is privileged. Calm reigns in the streets, and the views you can enjoy from the Church at the top are a perfect complement for this remarcable visit.
  • Soller and Port of Soller: Imagine yourself walking through the streets of Soller, the capital of the Serra de Tramuntana, enjoying its majestic old buildings, its gardens and urban gardens, in a valley with spectacular scenery, surrounded by high rocky mountains. Soller is connected to Palma by a century-old venerable  railway, with old wooden trains and wagons. You can also enjoy a beautiful trip in tram, another relic, which connects the town with the Port of Soller, situated in a bay that lies between the impressive mountains of the Serra.
  • Lluc: is a little village in the heart of the Serra, surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes, in which stands the Basilica of St. Mary of Lluc, the patroness of Mallorca. It is a place of pilgrimage and each year is organized a pilgrimage that travels the 47 miles between Palma de Lluc, involving tens of thousands. In Lluc there are several restaurants and bars, the visitor reception center of the Serra de Tramontana, and some shops where you will find typical handicrafts of Mallorca
  • Sa Calobra: a fun and exciting excursion, in which the road to Sa Calobra itself  becomes an experience. The road has endless curves up and down the mountains, through deep gorges with spectacular views. And finally we find a wonderful pebble beach located between two huge red cliffs, the mouth of the Torrente de Pareis. To access this small beach you must pass through a tunnel dug into the rock with windows that look the turquoise waters. In the area there are bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy a good paella.
  • Cap de Formentor: if there is anything you could not miss in the north of Mallorca, is undoubtedly the Cape Formentor. Being part of the Serra de Tramuntana, the Formentor Peninsula offers spectacular sceneries with towering cliffs, forests, small coves and ancient medieval defense towers. You may stop at the Mirador, where you could enjoy the unique landscape on Es Colomer, a rocky island that is one of the best known pictures of Mallorca. Right at the end of this narrow peninsula you could visit the spectacular lighthouse, built between 1860 and 1863, from where the view could get loose in the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea.

Another zones arround the island

The rest of Mallorca is also full of interesting places to visit. From medieval cities to prehistoric archaeological remains, through fantastic underground caves, or handicraft factories. There are many things to visit, you have no more than select the ones you are most interested and you can start your journey!

  • Alcudia: located in the north of Mallorca and between two bays, the city of Alcudia offers visitors many beautiful things, as their long medieval walls, a perfectly preserved historic center full of old palaces and cobblestone streets, or the remains of the Roman city of Pollentia. Close by you can enjoy its long sandy beaches, considered among the best in the Mediterranean.
  • Capocorb Vell: located in the municipality of Llucmajor, these archaeological remains belong to a prehistoric iron age Talayotic settlement of s.VIII BC. Along the tour you can see the impressive megalithic remains: the towers called talayots, its defensive walls, and their homes. The place has a bar and a terrace for those wishing to take a break. Certainly an interesting cultural visit.
  • Drac caves: are located in the municipality of Manacor, near Porto Cristo, and is one of the most popular natural wonders of Mallorca. This is a cave system, connected between them, with a depth of 25 meters and 2.4 km. in length. In the guided tours through the galleries is explained how they were formed and how they were discovered. During the tour, you will see its famous underground lake, beside which is offered to visitors a live classical concert, with musicians on board some boats that ply the lake while playing. Geological formations of stalactites and stalagmites are really beautiful, and in its crystal clear waters lives a small transparent crustacean, unique in the world.
  • Hams caves: these caves, also in Porto Cristo, are known for their stalactites and stalagmites of curious branched formations, that remind hooks used in fishing. In fact, the cave's name comes from the word "hook" in Catalan: "Ham". The finesse of its geological formations is wonderful, and deserves a visit. They are very close to her bigger sister, the Cave of the Drac.
  • Artá caves: are in the municipality of Capdepera, at the east of the island, and are situated on a stunning cliff above the sea. This is one of the largest caves in Europe, where it highlights the central chamber. One of its stalagmites is called Queen's, grows at a rate of 1 cm per century, and has a total height of 22 meters without reaching the ceiling.
  • Glass factories: Blown glass is one of the most typical handicrafts of Mallorca, with a long tradition dating back to medieval times. There are several factories, some of them on the Palma-Manacor highway. Artists create unique pieces by blowing air into molten glass paste, and using special tools. You can take a special and colorful souvenir from Mallorca.


In addition to the visits, we recommend a funny and relaxed evening watching one of the shows and performances present in different places of Mallorca. You can enjoy works such as Pirates Adventure, try your luck at the Casino de Mallorca or just watch a play in one of the theaters of Palma.

  • Pirates Adventure
  • Son Amar dinner show
  • Casino of Mallorca
  • Es Fogueró show
  • Principal theatre of Palma
  • Auditorium of Palma

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