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When traveling to Mallorca, you will find many activities and excursions to do, but a very important part of tourism includes knowing the flavors and culinary traditions of the island We propose some suggestions for you delight with the most typical and delicious:

  • El Trempó: is the majorcan most popular salad. Accompanies many meals, especially in the summer season, when hotter it gets. It consists in a salad of tomato, green pepper, onion, olive oil, a pinch of vinegar and salt. Ideal for lunch by the beach.
  • El Tumbet: a delight that is usually eaten during the summer months, made with red peppers, potatoes and eggplants, sliced​​, and sometimes slices of fish, which are fried and mixed with a tomato sauce. It can serve as  escort for a good meat.
  • Sopas Mallorquinas: this healthy dish is made with vegetable broth and finely chopped country bread. Also has different vegetables and chunks of meat, depending on the season in which we are. A chance to taste the fresh local products.
  • Pa amb Oli: a very popular dish, which consists of a few slices of country bread, which can serve toast, rubbed with ramallet tomato (a very tasty local variety), oil, salt and the best sliced  sausages, hams and cheeses. A very typical food that you will find in every restaurant in the area, and ideal to accompany with a refreshing drink or a good wine.
  • Paella: This dish from Valencia is  known worldwide, and is made differently in Mallorca. Also known as arròs sec (dry rice) is prepared with vegetables, meat and seafood.
  • Arros brut: this dish of rice with vegetables, meat and mushrooms, is one of the more consumed dishes at Majorcan meals. In some areas of Mallorca is served very spicy.
  • Caracoles: this plate is cooked differently in each country, but in Mallorca is produced in a complex way, using aromatic herbs and Slow cooking, that give a unique flavor. Usually accompanied by an aioli (garlic sauce) with potato.
  • Lechona: Essential if you want to know the local cuisine. This is a very tender marinated suckling pig, cooked in the traditional oven, seasoned with herbs, and is usually accompanied by baked potatoes. Few celebrations are made in Mallorca without the presence of a good suckling pig.
  • Sobrasada: the best known cold meat of Mallorca is certainly the sobrassada. Made with pork, paprika and salt, is an ideal accompaniment to the sandwiches, as well as added to many dishes such as lentils, squid, or as an ingredient in stuffing birds and typical patties.
  • Ensaimada: no product is more typical and nationwide popular than the majorcan ensaimadas. A large sweet dough baked, spiral shaped, which can be found filled with pumpkin, nougat, cream, or chocolate, and is usually eaten for dessert. We must comment that the most traditional are smaller and unfilled, and habitually consumed at breakfast.
  • Herbes and Palo: These are the island's traditional liquors. Its origin comes from preparing medicinal concoctions  used by the apothecaries of the sixteenth century for to fight the epidemics. The best known are the Palo liquor, made ​​from the husks, which is usually taken as an aperitif with ice or with soda, and Mallorcan Herbs, which, in one of its three variants (dry, mixed or sweet) are a good option to drink after meals, as are known to be digestive.

All communities have multiple dishes, recipes and typical products that are each one special and unique. Visit Mallorca and enjoy the best beaches during your stay at the Riu Hotels & Resorts.

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