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Antalya is definitely a very interesting destination as well as really exciting. Turkey hides singular cities and an ancestral history which has marked this country with the characteristics that today make it a unique place. If you decide to visit the city of Antalya, or some interesting locations around, while you stay in one of our hotels, Hotel Riu Kaya Belek or Hotel Riu Kaya Palazzo, we suggest that you do the following excursions:

Best attractions

  • Perga: this city has its origins in the Bronze Age, was the ancient capital of Pamphylia, and birthplace of the Greek mathematician Apollonius of Perga. It was also one of the largest Greek cities of Anatolia and has become over the years into a fantastic archaeological site, where you can visit the remains of one of the most beautiful cities of antiquity. It is just 15km from Antalya.
  • Archaeological Museum: This is one of the most important museums of Turkey, and is located in Antalya. Inside you will see artifacts from the ancient city, as well as artwork, statues and common objects of the ancient people of the region.
  • Hadrian's Gate: The gate, which is located in Antalya, is a triumphal arch built to honor the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who visited the city in 130 AD You can see three large arches in structure, built of white marble, and beautifully decorated with reliefs and columns. It is considered as the most beautiful gate of Pamphylia region.
  • Magarasi Karain: this prehistoric cave is 27 km from the city of Antalya and you can still see the marks and traces left by its inhabitants during the Paleolithic era. It has been found human evidence of more than 150,000 years old.
  • Old Harbour: Antalya is a charming Mediterranean city, which contains beautiful antique wooden houses, and is a city with a nice slow beat. The city is built around the harbor, that is surrounded by pristine beaches and vestiges of the past. In this same port, you have the possibility of practice water sports, offered by local businesses.
  • Yivli Minare: is one of the most important Islamic buildings of the city, and is decorated with beautiful dark blue tiles that became the symbol of the city. It was built by the Seleucids, and is certainly a mosque that worth to visit.
  • Kocain Magarasi: is one of the most popular attractions for tourists, and is situated in Antalya. This cave was inhabited by prehistoric people, in roman times and also in Christian era. Today you can see the objects left by its inhabitants over the centuries. The most striking is undoubtedly its impressive entrance. A perfect place for hike and culture enthusiasts.
  • Old Town: also known as Kaleici, the old town of Antalya is a fascinating blend of ruins from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Seleucid periods. It is surrounded by a wall, and inside you can see the old houses, and also enjoy the restaurants, shops and restored streets.
  • Aspendos: The city, founded by the Greeks, was very important in Roman times, and its main part has not been excavated yet. Still has one of the best preserved Roman theaters in the world, where are performed several festivals and concerts today. You can also visit in the place a Roman aqueduct, and the ruins of what was once a great ancient city.
  • Kursunlu Waterfalls: The waters of the river Aksu, coming from the Taurus Mountains, cross the entire region, creating a set of beautiful waterfalls, protected as a nature park, and surrounded by a lush pine forest. It is a wonderful place to enjoy a walk in the nature and see some local wildlife. Turtles can be seen, many types of birds, freshwater fish and many more animals.


  • Olympos: It is located about 90 kilometers south of Antalya, and is an ancient Greek city from Hellenistic period, which takes its name from a nearby and impressive mountain. The place was taken over by Roman, and later by Byzantines. In the Middle Ages, the Venetians and Genovese erected two coastal fortifications in the area, which are well conserved. In one of the nearby mountains there is a place where natural gas comes through the stones, and spectacular flames are burning at the top of the peak, which are visible from the shore. The flames are named Chimera, in honor of the mythological animal that threw fire from his mouth. The whole area is protected as a national park, and is a perfect place to enjoy a privileged natural environment, with breathtaking landscapes. You will have at your disposal a variety of activities, such as hiking, cultural visits, walks with canoe or boat, diving, climbing, rafting, canyoning and paragliding. The ideal place for adventure tourism lovers.
  • Termessos: 24 km from Antalya, we find the ruins of Termessos. You can see important archaeological remains, temples and statues dedicated to various gods of that times. You'll also see the tombs carved into the rock of the cliffs, old sarcophagus and more. But most impressive is undoubtedly the ancient Greek theater, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the mountain scenery, and the tomb of Alcetas, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, who died here in 320 BC
  • Karaalioglu Park: The park is situated in the center of Antalya, and you can spend a pleasant time enjoying the walk while you appreciate the different smells that emerge from the exotic flowers that decorate the place.

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