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In the buffet restaurants in our hotels, Hotel Riu kaya Belek and Hotel Riu Kaya Palazzo, you will find a wide variety of local recipes, foods and drinks, for you to enjoy the food both traditional and international. If you decide to discover the streets of Antalya, and want to try home cooking or learn more about gastronomic culture of the country, we suggest some ideas:

Typical dishes:

  • Döner kebab: this famous dish, that we usually eat in tourist areas, has its origin in Turkey. Döner means to roll, and kebab means grilled meat, which explains how is cooked this delicious dish. The minced meat is cooked while turning in front of the coals, and then cut into thin slices. Although there are many varieties, are usually accompanied with rice, chips, pita bread and other ingredients such as aromatic herbs.
  • Pide: its exact name is Pide of the Black Sea, and is similar to traditional pizza as we know it, with a base of flour, covered with different ingredients, which are then baked. The difference is that it has egg and ground beef as main ingredients, and is cooked in the form of a boat closed.
  • Lentil Soup: ''mercimek'' pronounced in Turkish, is a tasty red lentil soup with a little lemon. The Turks usually eat it for breakfast, because of their properties, and often you will find it as a starter in restaurant menus.
  • Dolma: Dolma is the name that is put to all types of stuffed food we found in Turkey. There is one in particular that is the fig leaf dolma, which consists of a few small packets of grape leaves stuffed with spiced rice. Are also produced dolma with peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, beets, rutabagas, squash, etc.. It can be eaten cold after being fried, or freshly made hot.

Typical beverage

  • Tea: This refreshing and healthy is the most consumed beverage in Turkey for a hundred years. Formerly it was more consumed the traditional Turkish coffee, but during the twentieth century tea was first cultivated in the country. The best known is the black tea, and it is used a double teapot to prepare it. Even at the entrances of shops, restaurants, offices and hospitals you will see many ''çay Ocagi'', people who sell fresh tea.
  • Raki: prepared with a strong turkish anise, is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. It is usually taken for dinner and is served in a glass straight long, cold, with ice to enhance the flavor of anise.
  • Ayran: is Turkey's most popular soft drink, and consumed during the meal, often replacing the wine or beer. It is made of yoghurt mixed with a little water and then shaken for half an hour to remove most of the fat. You should drink ayran during the hot summer days to cool off and to restore the salt that the body loses due to high temperatures. Thanks to the process through which it passes, this drink contains no sugar and is very healthy.

Knowing the real Turkey is the most delicious and pleasant part of your stay in our hotels, and we hope you enjoy every bite. As the Turks say, Sherefe!

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