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2 days in Panama City

Business, culture and leisure are on tap in Panama City, a city as dynamic as it is interesting where tourists and executives cross paths. Under the tropical sun, its streets and people provide a unique contrast in Latin America.
Colonial neighborhoods spring up between imposing skyscrapers and, along the length of the magnificent Panama Canal, tropical forests have been preserved with one of the largest concentration of birds in the world.
A Latin vibe dominates nightlife but the city is a melting pot of cultures attracted by Panama City's commercial magnetism, a shopper's paradise.
The Hotel Riu Plaza Panama is ideal for enjoying Panama City's charms. Business people and tourists appreciate its exceptional location in the heart of the city where, in addition to numerous offices, you will also find shops, restaurants and museums.

Day 1: Sites to See in the Panama's New City and Historic District

Getting to know the city's most characteristic areas should be your primary goal when you visit this large metropolis.

In the Ciudad Nueva district you can admire the large skyscrapers which symbolize the region's economic progress and enjoy the famous Calzada de Amador, a tree lined promenade where you can usually find Panamanians taking a break from their day-to-day work. However, the city's authentic green lung, inhabited by monkeys and birds, is the Metropolitan Natural Park, through which many trails wind offering spectacular views of the city, the bay and the famous canal.

The historic district is the other area you must visit. Its colonial buildings and old streets and plazas are home to emblematic monuments such as the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Cathedral, the Casa de Alarcón, the Presidential Palace and the Church of San José.

A visit to the city must inevitably include the locks of Miraflores, where you will discover the essence of the Panama Canal, one of the biggest engineering feats in history. It is also a fantastic area to go hiking, fishing and bird watching.

In the evening, if you are seeking a lively area you should head towards the Buenavista and the Cangrejo districts where you will find entertainment spots playing all types of music, ensuring you will have a good time.

Day 2: Tours from Guadalajara, Mexico

If you have already explored the city's most interesting spots, we recommend you spend your second day getting to know the surrounding areas. For example, pay a visit to Taboga Island, a classic vacation destination for residents of the capital. Lively beaches and narrow streets give off old fashion charm which is rounded out by the natural richness of its waters in which, during the migration period, you can see humpback whales and throughout the year, the largest concentration in the world of brown pelicans.

Another option is to visit the nearby Soberanía National Park, a jungle inhabited by abundant and varied fauna which includes protected species such as the crested eagle, the jaguar and titi monkeys, the smallest monkeys in the world.

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