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Your next event… a guaranteed success.
Riu Guadalajara Plaza Hotel has 49,826 sq. ft. (4,629 sq. m.) of impressive conference and meeting rooms. Its 16 event rooms can accommodate up to 1.387 persons, and with the help of our amazing professional event planners your group, business meeting or wedding celebration is assured of a rousing success and endless compliments from every guest in attendance.


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Tableau de capacité

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Salon Surface Hauteur Théâtre École Fer à cheval Réception Cocktail
Guadalajara Magna (A I-IX)1213m27 m1708 Pax681 PaxN/A809 PaxN/A
Guadalajara I106 m2 7 m149 Pax60 PaxN/A33 PaxN/A
Guadalajara II104 m2 7 m146 Pax58 PaxN/A31 PaxN/A
Guadalajara III100 m2 7 m141 Pax56 PaxN/A28 PaxN/A
Guadalajara IV170m2 7 m239 Pax96 PaxN/A80 PaxN/A
Guadalajara V170 m2 7 m239 Pax96 PaxN/A80 PaxN/A
Guadalajara VI130m2 7 m183 Pax73 PaxN/A50 PaxN/A
Guadalajara VII130 m2 7 m183 Pax73 PaxN/A50 PaxN/A
Guadalajara VIII95 m2 7 m134 Pax53 PaxN/A24 PaxN/A
Guadalajara IX148 m2 7 m208 Pax83 PaxN/A64 PaxN/A
Foyer I-III750 m25 mN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Vallarta (B)225 m25m317 Pax126 Pax42 PaxN/AN/A
Tonalá (C)86m25m121 Pax48 Pax27 PaxN/AN/A
Tlaquepaque (D)86 m25m121 Pax48 Pax27 PaxN/AN/A
Tequila (E)41 m25 m58 Pax23 Pax18 PaxN/AN/A
Careyes65 m25 m92 Pax37 Pax27 PaxN/AN/A
Zapopan24 m2 5 m34 Pax13 PaxN/AN/AN/A
Chapala (H)24m25m34 Pax13 PaxN/AN/AN/A
Jalisco (P)1000 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Terras980 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

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