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Medium size meeting groups will fall in love with our newest treasure in the Dominican Republic. Here, in an environment that is beautiful, lush and magical, you will discover extraordinary touches, All Inclusive luxury, kind people and unmatched comfort. The property is one of our most exquisite Palace resorts and truly a place where you can create a group experience without parallel.


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Tableau de capacité

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Salon Surface Hauteur Théâtre École Fer à cheval Réception Cocktail
Santo Domingo 1, 2, 3, 4127 m25 m107 Pax71 Pax50 Pax79 Pax128 Pax
Santo Domingo 5, 6266 m25 m224 Pax149 Pax130 Pax166 Pax269 Pax
Santo Domingo 1-2 / 3-4254 m25 m213 Pax143 Pax120 Pax159 Pax257 Pax
Santo Domingo 1-4508 m25 m427 Pax285 PaxN/A318 Pax513 Pax
Santo Domingo 5-6532 m25 m447 Pax299 Pax250 Pax333 Pax537 Pax
Santo Domingo 1-61,040 m25 m874 Pax584 PaxN/A650 Pax1,051 Pax
Foyer400 m25 m336 PaxN/AN/A250 PaxN/A

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