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As one of the true jewels in the RIU crown, the resort is an unmatched destination for medium size meeting groups seeking the finest amenities and luxuries. We combine legendary RIU service with a variety of creative capabilities and facilities to offer a wide array of styles and locations for functions, gatherings or events. Additionally, spectacular views, unlimited leisure options and fabulous cuisine make the resort a beautiful, exciting and luxurious site for attendees to enjoy.


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Tabella di capacità

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Salone Superficie Altezza Teatro Scuola Ferro di cavallo Banchetto Cocktail
Salón Pacífico320 m25 m300 Pax150 Pax120 Pax200 Pax350 Pax
Pacífico I160 m25 m150 Pax70 Pax50 Pax100 Pax175 Pax
Pacífico II160 m25 m150 Pax70 Pax50 Pax100 Pax175 Pax
La Paz150 m25 m100 Pax60 Pax40 PaxN/AN/A

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