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RIU is aware of the direct impact of its activity on the environment and therefore works to minimize it through projects designed to ensure efficiency and savings in energy and water consumption, protect biodiversity and avoid pollution.

To this end, various projects have been implemented ranging from standardisation in measurement systems to produce reliable and comparable figures for measuring the reality and results of the different actions, to external certification in sustainability for the hotels.

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The environmental Action Plan is based on the company's following commitments:

  1. Efficiency and Saving: Streamline and make good use of natural resources, to reduce the impact on the environment.
  2. Prevent pollution: Constantly improve, implementing the necessary measures and acting with caution to avoid accidents with an environmental impact.
  3. Objectives and Goals: Constantly update the environmental management system.
  4. Compliance: Constantly adjust compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.
  5. Training and Information: Promote team training and raising awareness amongst customers and employees.

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The main objectives for 2013 relating to consumption, nature and animal protection are as follows:

  1. Boost efficiency in the consumption of water, energy and paper.
  2. Prevent pollution.
  3. Improve waste management systems.
  4. Protect and recover flora and fauna in sensitive destinations.
  5. Streamline reporting systems.
  6. Enhance the processes for verification and certification in sustainability.
  7. Promote environmental training and awareness-raising.

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During 2013 various environmental projects will be carried out:

  • Implementation of the environmental management system in hotels with certification in sustainability.
  • New system to control and monitor environmental indicators.
  • Supporting protection programmes for endangered species.
  • Corporate sustainability website.
  • Publishing informative material for guests and employees.
  • Training plan for environmental management systems.
  • Pilot Project in ISO certification (integrated system 9001, 14001 and 22000) in Tunisia.
  • Implementation of the Travelife Sustainability System in 59 hotels. 
  • Renewal of the ISO 14001 certification at the ClubHotel Riu Buena Vista.

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Efforts made during 2012 had extremely positive results. Below we share a summary of the main achievements of the year:

  • Investments in new purification systems and actions to make water drinkable in destinations such as Formentera and Fuerteventura in Spain.
  • New uses for purified water in Cape Verde and Costa Rica.
  • Investment in energy saving systems and efficient lighting in newly built hotels.
  • Transfer from fuel to natural gas to obtain Sanitary Hot Water and heating in Playa de Palma.
  • Commitment to Nature Friendly Billing for direct electronic billing, with the issuance of over 600,000 invoices in one year.
  • Reduction in the use of chemical products with the installation of electrolysis in newly built hotels.
  • Improvements in waste management systems in Playa de Palma.
  • Support for the programme to protect the sea turtle in Fuerteventura, Cape Verde, Costa Rica and Mexico. See press release
  • Actions for animal well-being in Cape Verde and Mexico.

Achievements in Certifications Vedi tutti »

  • Obtaining the ISO 14001 certification for the ClubHotel Riu Buena Vista in Tenerife, Spain.
  • Obtaining 15 GOLD certifications, the highest rating, in the implementation of the Travelife Sustainability System.
  • Obtaining the TUI Umwelt Champion (Environmental champion) for the Hotel Sensimar Calypso in Fuerteventura and the Riu Garoe in Tenerife, both in Spain.

You can see the full list of Certified Hotels below.

Achievements in Environmental Awareness-raising Vedi tutti »

  • Publication of informative material on the protection of the Sea Turtle in Cape Verde.
  • Communication of the sustainability strategy to employees.

List of hotels with certifications in sustainability Vedi tutti »




ClubHotel Riu Buena VistaTenerife, SpainISO 14001:2004/Travelife GOLD
Riu GaroeTenerife, SpainTravelife GOLD / TUI Umwelt Champion
Sensimar CalypsoFuerteventura, SpainTravelife GOLD / TUI Umwelt Champion
ClubHotel Riu Tikida DunasAgadir, MoroccoTravelife GOLD
Riu Tikida BeachAgadir, MoroccoTravelife GOLD
Riu Palace Tikida AgadirAgadir, MoroccoTravelife GOLD
Riu Palace AlgarveAlgarve, PortugalTravelife GOLD
Riu Palace MadeiraMadeira, PortugalTravelife GOLD
ClubHotel Riu GuaranaAlgarve, PortugalTravelife GOLD
Riu MonicaNerja, SpainTravelife GOLD
Riu BelplayaTorremolinos, SpainTravelife GOLD
Riu NautilusTorremolinos, SpainTravelife GOLD
ClubHotel Riu FunanaSal, Cape VerdeTravelife GOLD
ClubHotel Riu GaropaSal, Cape VerdeTravelife GOLD
Riu TouaregBoa Vista, Cape VerdeTravelife GOLD
ClubHotel Riu KaramboaBoa Vista, Cape VerdeTravelife GOLD
Riu Tikida PalmerieMarrakesh, MoroccoTravelife GOLD
Riu Tikida GardenMarrakesh, MoroccoTravelife GOLD