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Kaapverdië - Eiland Sal
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Zie alles »  Foto's van RIU Hotels & Resorts

Fabulous Riu Sal Hotels Overlooking Majestic Shores

The little island of Ilha do Sal rises timidly out of the Atlantic, with an austere landscape that reminds us we are on the same latitude as the Sahara Desert.

The ungenerous land incites us to look to the sea: the heavenly beaches that surround the island; the numerous watersports one can practise here; and the excellent fish local sailors catch every day; all bear testimony to the intimate relationship the island has with the ocean.

There are no large crowds here. Only quiet towns and a few hotels, making our Sal hotel resorts the ideal destinations in Cape Verde for anyone seeking peace and quiet.

The Premier Choice For Sal Cape Verde Hotel Accommodation
Engage in a unique island experience - with relaxing activities for the entire family – at our all-inclusive Sal Cape Verde hotels. As an unspoiled refuge away from the crowds, we welcome you to experience the genuine freedom to set your own pace in the midst of oceanfront splendor.

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