Vakanties in Eiland Djerba

Tunesië - Eiland Djerba
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Zie alles »  Foto's van RIU Hotels & Resorts

Savor Five-Star Luxury And Amenities At Our Djerba Hotel Resort

Arrive at our stunning Riu Djerba hotel and the first thing you will notice is a surprisingly green landscape, surrounded by the blue sea and dotted with white buildings. The beaches are long, sandy and have crystalline waters. They are perfect for sunbathing or splashing around.

The "island of the 100 mosques" has many of them scattered throughout its geography. Like everything here, their dimensions are adapted to the surroundings and are not at all ostentatious, reflecting the delicate simplicity of Mediterranean Islam. The hospitality of its inhabitants and its rich souks will beckon you to discover the alleyways of the towns.

A Shimmering Jewel Among Djerba Resorts
Marvel at the stunning architecture of our Djerba resort hotel in Tunisia. Gracing 35 acres of lush gardens with its exquisite "half-moon" shaped silhouette, the Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden is located within walking distance of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

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