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26 July, 2019

Riu Palace Mexico and their ravioli with passion

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At the Riu Palace Mexico hotel our clients' favourite dish is known as "Raviolis with passion" It is a creative recipe designed by Rodolfo García Rangel, Executive Chef at the hotel, as a result of his passion for combining flavours. In this post we teach you, step by step, how to cook this delicious dish so that you can delight your guests. Do you want to know how it is prepared and how to become a true chef?

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28 August, 2018

Get to know the delicious and healthy cuisine of Costa Rica with RIU

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If there is just one thing that identifies each destination and completely differentiates it from the rest, it’s the local cuisine, those dishes and flavours typical of each place that captivate all who visit. Our intention today is precisely that, to make you fall in love with the gastronomy of Costa Rica, the country of ‘Pura Vida’ (Pure Life). Incorporating...

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