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28 August, 2018

Get to know the delicious and healthy cuisine of Costa Rica with RIU

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If there is just one thing that identifies each destination and completely differentiates it from the rest, it’s the local cuisine, those dishes and flavours typical of each place that captivate all who visit. Our intention today is precisely that, to make you fall in love with the gastronomy of Costa Rica, the country of ‘Pura Vida’ (Pure Life). Incorporating...

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27 March, 2018

Come to the Balearic Islands and enjoy the delicious Mediterranean diet

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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands have always been a special place for trade between many countries. Their geographic position was and is considered ideal for business transactions between the countries or kingdoms in the same waters. In recent decades they have become a paradise that many tourists want to visit and get to know. Why?...

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