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27 March, 2018

Come to the Balearic Islands and enjoy the delicious Mediterranean diet

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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands have always been a special place for trade between many countries. Their geographic position was and is considered ideal for business transactions between the countries or kingdoms in the same waters. In recent decades they have become a paradise that many tourists want to visit and get to know. Why?...

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20 March, 2018

Prepare a delicacy from Mauritius: Palm heart with saffron sauce and Chinese cabbage

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On the heavenly island of Mauritius, you’ll find one of our eleven hotels in Africa: the Hotel Riu Creole. With the help of the hotel’s executive chef, Juggoo, we want to show you how to prepare an authentic Mauritian delicacy: Palm heart with saffron sauce and Chinese cabbage. Follow the steps below while we also tell you some things about...

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2 February, 2018

Join us in making a flavourful cup of café chorreado from Costa Rica

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All coffee connoisseurs appreciate that its coffee has unparalleled flavour and that unmistakeable aroma that they prize. We know that, and that’s why at our Hotel Riu Guanacaste we make the coffee in a very special way that we want you to know about. We present café chorreado, or traditional Costa Rican drip coffee, a typical delicacy of the country...

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11 January, 2018

Bahamas Dream Combo

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Beef tenderloin with seagrapes, accompanied by shellfish and banana pudding, covered with half a grilled lobster tail. Served with a purée made with local yams and garlic, sautéed vegetables, and dressed in an herbed mustard-butter sauce. We know that our customers love good cuisine. That’s why we’re giving you this recipe created by Ingraham, our chef at the Riu Palace...

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Staying at a RIU Hotels & Resorts All-Inclusive hotel is worth it

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When you go to a hotel, you look for the greatest possible comfort. You want to relax, forget your obligations and enjoy the amenities offered at the place where you’re staying. And, of course… to eat well! The feeling of waking up hungry and knowing that you don’t have to prepare anything, that you can forget your typical breakfast of...

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