Holidays in Boa Vista

Cape Verde - Boa Vista
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A Dazzling Five-Star Retreat Among Boa Vista Hotels

Escape on an unforgettable all-inclusive family vacation at our Boa Vista hotel resort. When looking at this island's desert-like appearance, it's hard to imagine that this piece of dry land was once covered in luxuriant vegetation. Repeated dry spells and bad land management turned this land into an arid land. Its main attraction is a privileged coastline, with heavenly beaches, some with dunes and all with crystalline waters.

Taking a stroll round the austere interior, you will discover small oasis with palm trees that add a touch a green to a scorched landscape. Its largely undeveloped tourism infrastructure makes this place a calm beach paradise, light years away from the mass tourism of the larger destinations in Cape Verde.

Sparkling Turquoise Waters Surround Our Boa Vista Resort
Treat yourself to world-class services and superb amenities at our all-inclusive Boa Vista hotel. Constructed on the sea front of Praia de Chaves, this hotel will be ideal for family holidays with all the convenience of the "All Inclusive" system.

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