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General wedding policies

The couple and 80% of their guests must stay at the same Riu Hotel where the wedding will be performed. Only 20% of the total group can stay at another hotel chain. 
Couples must respect the arrival date, they have to arrive at least two (2) full business days for symbolic/religious ceremony and three (3) full business days for a civil ceremony, prior the wedding date (not counting weekends, National Holidays and the arrival day). 
Weddings are not performed on Sundays & National holidays. 

For weddings at Riu Emerald Bay guests staying in other hotels would have to pay a regular day pass of $90.00 USD per person (from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM).*Price is subject to change without prior notice. 

Riu Emerald Bay maximum capacity: 100 people.

Confirmed weddings cancelled within a month of the ceremony date or upon arrival to the hotel will be charged a cancellation fee of $250.00 USD. 
Outside Vendors are allowed to work in Riu Resorts paying a vendor's fee of $300.00 USD. If the external provider is not Mexican she/he must have a proper work VISA.


  1. Valid Couple's Passport.
  2. Two pictures per person (passport size)
  3. Couple's Birth certificate.
  4. Mexican Government VISA - Tourist card of the bride and groom (Immigration authorities provides it when arriving to the country)
  5. Couple's Driver License.
  6. Divorce certificate (if apply)
  7. Death certificate (if apply)
  8. Names and general information of the parents (application form provided for the Judge)

All documents in photocopies need to be at the hotel at least one month prior to the wedding date. Please post the documents to the following address:

*Riu Emerald Bay
Av. Sábalo-Cerritos #3404
Mazatlán - Sinaloa

In attention to Couple's name and wedding date.

IMPORTANT: If the bride or the groom own the Nationality of the country where the wedding will be performed, they need to notify this information in advance to the Wedding Sales Executive due that these type of marriages need to follow different legal requirements.

  • Witnesses: Are necesary four adults (friends and relatives can be witnesses). If you come by yourself, the hotel can provide the witnesses without extra charge.
  • Blood Tests:

    HIV, syphilis and blood type tests are required for weddings in Mexico. Tests must be performed in Mexico by a certified doctor (for the medical certificate). Your MICE Manager will arrange the doctor appointment in your hotel room.

  • Important:

    *Blood test is not necessary if the couple is already living together.

Marriage certificate

  • For Civil weddings: The marriage certificate will be given to the couple at the end of the ceremony. 
  • Important: We kindly ask you to verify the procedure that you will have to follow in order to legalize your marriage in your country, as sometimes an apostille is required. If you need to Apostille your Marriage Certificate, please be advised that you will have to cover the amount of this service. * Riu Hotels and Resorts is not responsible of this legal procedure.

Do you want to to get married here from ?

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