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Madeira - Caniço de Baixo
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Madeira is a perfect destination for tourists seeking to enjoy nature,  is a quiet and spectacular place to spend their holidays. Many of those who visit this island want to repeat the experience, because Madeira offers a geological and natural show, on the middle of the ocean, and all with modern tourist areas and cities full of activities, culture and adventure. There is no better way to discover the island than staying at Hotel Riu Palace Madeira, and relax in its luxurious facilities after a perfect day. Let yourself be pampered by the renowned service Riu Hotels & Resorts.

If your next stop is this wonderful island, you can not miss the places on our list of the best attractions, that we offer you below.

  • Funchal: The main attraction of the city of Funchal, capital of the island, are the views of the mountains and the surrounding bay. The capital was named by the discoverers as funcho (fennel in Portuguese), because of the abundance of fennel that found on the island, and nowadays is the main ingredient of traditional candies of Madeira. You can enjoy its many churches, its art, architecture, markets, museums, gardens, wineries, embroidery factory and its charming old town. Every corner of the city hides little treasures to discover by the visitor.
  • Monte: Monte is the most touristic city of the island, after Funchal. If you get to this place you will appreciate the fantastic views of the Bay of Funchal, and enjoy the atmosphere that breathes. You can visit the magnificent Monte Palace Tropical Garden and the Botanical Gardens, which are located near the main house, and finally see the famous carriages from 1850, that descend to the capital.
  • Machico: If you want to know the town where it has been concentrated most of the history of the island of Madeira, you can not miss Machico. The first settlers were established in this town in 1420, and years later, in 1508 founded the current capital, Funchal. After several political problems decided to divide the island into two zones, and was in Machico region where they built the first religious buildings, such as the oldest, called the Capela dos Milagros. You can visit the Pico do Facho, and the old lighthouse where was patrolled the arrival of pirates.
  • The Madeira Levadas: For hikers and walkers, Madeira is the closest thing to a paradise that can be found. Despite being a small island, its volcanic geology and breathtaking mountains are perfect for all kinds of wonderful excursions. The best known are paths that follow the Levadas, ancient irrigation ditches, and pass through spectacular scenery. There are of all difficulties, from small half-hour strolls to astonishing mountain routes, by peaks of almost 2000 meters.
  • Ribeira Brava: one of the best preserved ancient churches of the island is in this town, the Igreja de São Bento. It is open to the public, and find inside several paintings dating from the XVI century. The artificial nearby beach was built using volcanic sand, and is available to the tourists who want to enjoy a quiet day sunbathing and swimming.
  • Ponta do Sol: if you're going to make some excursions, we suggest you let Ponto do Sol to your final destination, as it offers a spectacular sunset, and has excellent pebbles beaches. It is the sunniest place on the island, so if you're looking for relaxation and sunbathing, you will love Ponta do Sol.
  • Santa Cruz: if you seek leisure and varied activities, Santa Cruz offers many appropriate services, including swimming pools, children's playgrounds, bars and restaurants. An ideal place to spend a family day.
  • Pico do Arieiro: this is the third highest peak on the island, and from the top you can enjoy a fantastic view of Porto Santo and the famous valley called the Curral das Freiras. The scenery is spectacular, with stunning gorges and cliffs. Nearby you can visit a well that was built by an english family to store ice and snow from the mountains.
  • Santana: One of the most charming views of the island is the village of Santana, in the northeast of Madeira. There you will find the traditional triangular stone houses, covered with ancient thatched roofs. The houses, which were built since the sixteenth century, have become a point of interest for many tourists. If you want to know a little more about the local culture, you can visit the Madeira Theme Park, which has areas of activities for the whole family.
  • Cabo Girão: There is no better way to discover the heights of Madeira than climbing up the cliff of Cabo Girão. The panoramic views from the observation deck, located at a height of 589 meters, are simply stunning, and it is definitely a place not to be missed during your stay. There is a cable car that will allow you to go down to the crop area next to the sea, and if you seek extreme sports, you will find the possibility of skydiving, in the modality of BASE jumping. The famous portuguese athlete, Mário Pardo, has jumped on a motorcycle from the top.
  • Madalena do Mar: In this small fishing village you can enjoy a relaxing day. Discover wonderful sea views and beautiful cliffs, in addition to being close to the major banana plantation on the island.

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