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Madeira by night

Madeira by night

Madeira s a quiet and peaceful island, and you do not have much variety of nightlife for weekdays. Instead, the weekend gives you option to enjoy a very special evening in a good variety of nightclubs, popular and crowded. We recommend the following:

  • Bars and Pubs: on the island there are several English and Irish pubs, especially in the streets of Funchal. These are places that are fully acclimated to English style with music and a friendly atmosphere. We recommend some like White House, Moynihans or Café Teatro.
  • Clubs: you will find different clubs in the busiest areas of the center. From electronic music clubs, to concerts and live music. We recommend some of the most famous, as the disco Kool, the Chameleon, the Copacabana and Pub Number 2. If you're heading to the port of Funchal, near the ferry terminal, you will see an old fort with a building built atop . There is the famous O Molhe, which means dock in Portuguese. This is an open air disco that has 3 halls with different music and atmospheres. Another club, the Vespa, is the largest and oldest of Madeira, and is definitely the place to go dancing when other places close.
  • Casino: Madeira has a nice casino for every tourist who want to try their luck during their stay on the island. Drinks are available, and offers a very relaxed atmosphere.
  • Fado: for many years the Fado is a cultural symbol of all Portuguese. This singing is unique in the world, has become a World Heritage, and you can enjoy listening in restaurants Arsénio, A Parreira and A Seta.

Near our Hotel Riu Palace Madeira you will find some streets with a nice atmosphere, where to choose a good place for leisure, and have fun all night long.

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