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Before traveling

Before traveling it's important to follow a  travel checklist, so you don't forget anything you may need!

That's why we have prepared a list of things you may find useful. so you can take everything you need and only have to worry about spending a wonderful holiday with your family, your partner or your friends.


  • Passport (watch expiration date)
  • Identity card
  • Health Insurance Card (International / National)
  • Driving license (International if necessary)
  • Hotel confirmation and hotel address
  • Airline tickets
  • Tickets or other reservations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa (to enter the country of destination)
  • Vaccine (if necessary)
  • Credit / debit cards
  • Foreign money
  • Travel itineraries, maps

Medicines and Hygiene

  • Prescriptions / medications for the whole family
  • Sunscreens
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste
  • Combs / Hairbrushes
  • Deodorant / Perfume / Makeup / hair gel / shaving foam
  • Shampoo / bath gel and other toiletries
  • Wipes / Tissues / Feminine Hygiene products

Before leaving home

  • Leave someone in charge of mail, newspapers..
  • Empty the refrigerator of perishable goods
  • Throw the garbage / recycling, washing dishes
  • Do not leave valuables items in sight
  • Leave food, water and someone in charge if you have pets
  • Turn off heating, air conditioning, gas, lights, unnecessary appliances, etc..
  • House keys, car keys and locks
  • Close your windows, doors, curtains and blinds

Tips and Tricks

  • Prepare a list of things you do not want to forget.
  • Tie a ribbon to the suitcase for easy recognition at the airport.
  • Tag your luggage with your name and phone number to contact in case of loss.
  • Do not forget to drink plenty of water if you travel by plane, and eat light.
  • Prepare a mini kit to have around when you travel (ear plugs, tissues, gum, books, crosswords, etc.).
  • Check the weather forecast before going, to know what to wear.
  • Jetlag: If you land at night better not sleep on the plane, if you land the day, we advise you to sleep as you can.
  • Talk to your bank and let know that you probably use your credit / debit cards more often.
  • Review the airport rules and make sure that you turn all to avoid problems.
  • Make copies of your important documents and so in case of loss, you have all the data.
  • Try to take as less as possible money in the pockets, and subject your wallet to your pants to keep from falling.


  • Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses
  • Travellers passport photos
  • Clothes for the weather on destination
  • Formal Wear
  • Bathing suit
  • Footwear for every occasion
  • Pajamas, underwear
  • Camera, video camera, memory cards, chargers, adapters

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