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Formentera is an island of old traditions, and it still conserves, in addition to its environment, the gastronomic traditions of many years ago. Discover Mediterranean dishes and recipes, that you could enjoy on our buffet at the Hotel Riu La Mola, or in a typical local restaurant. We propose you some of the most popular and tasty dishes:

  • The cheese: The goat and sheep cheese is scarce in Formentera, as it still being artisanly produced, as formerly did the peasant women, and is normally made for own consumption. If you want to taste or buy it, you'll find in the craft markets of the towns.
  • Dried fish: is one of the most traditional recipes of the island. Fishermen prepare fish hanging it on the branches of trees, so the sea breeze and the sun start to tan the fish until it's dry. Later are used on various dishes such as peasant salad, among others. 
  • Payesa Salad: the most typical dish of the island, and very appetizing for the warm summer season. The ingredients in this tasty salad are boiled potato, pepper, diced country bread, onions and dried fish, all dressed with oil, salt and a little vinegar.
  • Meat: in the island is consumed enough meat, but its key products are the cold meats like "Butifarra", which is obtained from the slaughter of pigs. This sausage can be eaten with bread and wine, or can be used as an ingredient to enhance flavor in homemade dishes.
  • The Flaó: This sweet dessert is prepared with cream cheese and mint, giving a very special flavor. It is one of the most popular desserts of the island, along with the "greixonera" and "orelletes".
  • Liquid salt: This product comes from Formentera, specifically from the Salines of Formentera, and this is the most low-sodium salt of the Spanish State, making it very healthy.
  • Frigola Liquor: the oldest distillery on the Balearic Islands was founded in Formentera, and years later it went to Ibiza. The local variant of this typical drink is made with hard liquor and thyme ("frigola"), which gives a special flavor.
Exquisite dishes, homemade intense flavors, drinks and cold meats...  the taste of the Mediterranean is surely a pleasure for the palate and the senses.

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