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Formentera is a small world located in the Mediterranean. In ancient times was a strategic point for sailors as they passed by the Balearic Islands, and today is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, due to its nature, its atmosphere and its wonderful beaches.


  • Sant Francesc Xavier: you will see the typical white houses, which are oriented towards the church, a building erected in 1726. Is more a fortress than a chapel, as it also served to protect the population from pirate attacks.
  • Sant Ferran: Also known as Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, another of the small towns to be found on the island. Here you could do some shopping and visit the famous Fonda Pepe.
  • La Savina: The port of the island, and starting point for some very nice route, like the one that goes north, right to the beautiful beach of illetes. It is also a good place to rent transportation.
  • La Mola: is a small village on the route that goes from Sant Francesc to the lighthouse of La Mola. Here is where stands the interesting craft market every Sunday.

Charming places:

  • El Mirador: up the road that takes us to La Mola, you will find El Mirador, a bar restaurant where you could stop for a drink, and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean, watching the panorama of almost the entire island of Formentera, with her bigger sister Ibiza in the background.
  • Cap de Barbaria: just 7km from Sant Francesc you will find an impressive lighthouse on the cape of Barbaría, and a defensive tower that was built in the eighteenth century. The views are superb, and is a perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset.
  • Cap de La Mola: at the end of the road from La Mola we found a spectacular lighthouse, 150 meters high on a dramatic cliff, with a marvelous overlooking over the Mediterranean Sea. It's a place you should not miss.

Interesting places:

  • Ca Na Costa: near Sant Francesc will find a prehistoric dolmen, consisting of a circle made of large stones erected vertically. This megalithic tomb was built between 1800 and 1600 BC
  • Ca'n Blai Roman Fortress: In the isthmus, near the beach of Es Calo, you cpuld visit the Roman fortress of s. III AD, a testimony to the imperial roman domination of these islands.
  • Cave of Barbaria: a few meters from the Lighthouse of Barbaria you will find a cave opened on the ground, and if you go down then will discover a totally different world. A unique place where you can breathe fresh air and absolute tranquility, with spectacular views of the Mediterranean from an unusual perspective.
  • Les piscinetes: its meaning in Catalan is "small pools", and are in the area of ​​Can Marroig. These are natural swimming pools, situated in a cove with stunning views. Recommend wearing diving mask as the underwater life of the area is ideal for exploring.
  • Ses Salines: The salt extraction on the island comes from many centuries ago, and you could still visiting the artificial lagoon systems, crossed by stone paths above the water. You can see ancient salt mills, unique landscapes and a special colorful. The place is very close to Es Pujols.
  • Es Copinar Beach: You will not find any place more like the Caribbean in the Mediterranean, since the crystal clear waters, fine white sand and the sea views are certainly a spectacle. It is very close to our Hotel Riu La Mola.

Discover the island of Formentera, an unforgettable visit, and stay with all the quality and comfort offered by Riu Hotels & Resorts.

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