Hotels in Djerba


Djerba, also known as Gerlves, is an island of Tunisia that is located in North Africa. Its location on the Gulf of Gabes, makes her a popular destination.

This destination has several traditions like Homer in his Odyssey. It is said that Ulysses and his sailors who fled the siren song, found the island of the lotus eaters. These sailors tasted the strange fruit of the lotus (date) that made them lose memory. Only Ulysses refrained from eating the fruit and through it was able to rescue his men from amnesia.

Djerba is also known as'' the island of  the hundred mosques and is a waste of calm waters, sea breezes and palm trees. Discover all the wonders of Djerba.

Popular hotels in Djerba

  • Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden - Outdoor pool

    Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden

    Gracing 35 acres of lush gardens with its exquisite "half-moon" shaped silhouette, the Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden is located within walking distance of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

  • ClubHotel Riu Palm Azur - Outdoor pool

    ClubHotel Riu Palm Azur

    The ClubHotel Riu Palm Azur is surrounded by a marvellous Palm tree garden of around 35,000 sq mt, setting up the ideal location for a relaxing and laid back holiday in a true oasis.