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Tunisia - Mahdia
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See all »  Pictures of RIU Hotels & Resorts

Bask In Beachfront Elegance At Our Riu Mahdia Hotel

Experience the stunning natural beauty of the Tunisian coast from RIU’s highly anticipated all-inclusive Mahdia hotel. The white houses of this small peninsula overlook the sea as they always have. This port has always been important, ever since its foundation in 916 AD.

Nowadays it is its beaches - the best in the country according to many - that draw the greatest praise. But the attractions of the sea are only a part of its charm. Added to the genuine enchantment of one of Tunisia's most beautiful medinas are the Roman coliseums and holy cities that rise up in the midst of the surrounding arid countryside.

Four Star Luxury At This Mahdia Tunisia Hotel
Just a small cluster of dunes separates the Arabic-styled bungalows of our Mahdia Tunisia hotel from the magnificent beach. Guests bask in comfort and indulge in the superb facilities of our modern complex.

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