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Events and festivities

Events and festivities

Turkey hides spectacular historic sites, unique landscapes, and also for years has kept the rich culture that characterizes it. If you visit their streets, villages and cities, you will have the opportunity to learn more about traditional festivals, popular festivals and events that take place in this wonderful destination. And meanwhile enjoy the comfort and excellent service of Hotel Riu Kaya Belek and Hotel Riu Kaya Palazzo.

  • International Competition of folk music and dances: This event, held annually, attracts thousands of spectators to enjoy a selection of the best traditional dances and folk music from around the world.
  • Golden Orange Film Festival (Altin Portakal): is held in late September and early October, and has become a very popular event. At the festival you can see some of the best "indie" films.
  • Opera and Ballet Festival at Aspendos: This event is held during the month of June every year, and is very popular and attractive, as is performed in the ancient Roman theater in Aspendos.
  • Aspendos Jazz  Festival: jazz fans will be in the forefront of this lively festival. The theater of Aspendos, which has about 20,000 seats, hosts many world-renowned artists.
  • Kemer Carnival: during this carnival can see fireworks, concerts, shows and performers from around the world. A parade of colors, music and friendly atmosphere that promises to delight the whole family.

Turkish traditions

  • Carpet production: One of the most important manufacturing is Turkish production of carpets. Whole families have been dedicated to it for many generations, and it is a very traditional industry. So much so that the oldest carpet known was made in Turkey and dates from the V century BC. The technique used is special, because they use the double knot, and are made with cotton, silk or high quality wool.
  • Horseback riding: If you are traveling to Turkey, looking for some activity to do as a family and want to visit the surrounding area, you can enjoy the great liking for horses in Turkey. For many centuries the horseback riding has been practiced in the country, and, indeed, is so popular that breeders have specialized in the pure native breeds, which are today recognized among some of the best in the world.
  • Turkish coffee: another of the famous traditions of Turkey is coffee. In the city you will find several cafes in the streets, where locals and tourists enjoy this delicacy. The Turks usually sit with friends to take the coffee while maintaining lively and interesting chats about politics, culture and other issues that affect them on the day to day. The coffee is dense and strong, highly aromatic, and for taking straight, with no milk.
  • Narguile: A hookah very common in cafes and terraces, where turks smoke special and flavored tobaccos, while drinking tea or coffee in the company of his friends.
  • Hammam: Something you have to try is the typical Turkish bath. Turkey is well known for this tradition, in fact there are complete packages that include them as main activity. Saunas, steam baths, massage and a scented environment, everything you need for a relaxing stay.
  • Lule tashi: Also called sea foam, this white mineral, which softens easily with water, is mined to over 400 meters deep. It is lightweight and at the same time strong, and highly prized in traditional processing of pipes, reaching high prices. Turkey is a good place to purchase one of these pipes at reasonable prices.

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