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Useful information

Traveling means enjoying a well deserved holiday, entertainment and tourism. But you must be sure that everything is prepared and you do not forget anything. This is why we have prepared some helpful information, so that your trip to Turkey will be perfect and will not have to worry about anything more than fun at Hotel Riu Kaya Belek or Hotel Riu Kaya Palazzo.

General information

  • Capital: Ankara
  • Time zone: GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time  +2 from last march sunday until last october sunday. In summer TMG +3)
  • Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)
  • Oficial language: Turkish  Spoken: English, German, Arabic, Greek and French (tourist areas)
  • Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz,  two holes continental plug.
  • Average summer temperature:  24ºC - 30ºC
  • Average winter temperature: -5ºC - 16ºC
  • Telephone companies: Turktelecom, Vodafone, Turkcell, Avea
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard... (ask your credit card provider for more information)


  • Recommended: Always carry identification (ID) and your passport. In case of theft you must report it to the police station and ask the for new ID at the Consulate.
  • Airport: You must carry your passport to land or make the shipment.
  • Driving license: valid in case of living in Europe or at least an International Driver License. 18 years age is needed for to drive, and is needed 21 years  age to rent a car. In many cases you must present a credit card as safe.
  • Visa: is required to be filed if you are a citizen of one of the countries that appear on the list of countries subject to visa requirements. You can check this list at the link.
  • Health: It is recommended to travel with the European Health Card. In case of non dispose of it, is recommended to purchase travel health insurance.

Health Information and Security in Antalya

  • Major diseases: None
  • Compulsory vaccinations: None
  • Recommended vaccinations: None
  • Dangerous areas: None
  • Water: Water is potable, but to drink bottled water is preferable

Useful telephone numbers

  • International code:00 90 (...)
  • Antalya Airport(AYT): 00 90 242 444 74 23
  • Istambul Airport: 00 90 212 663 07 93
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Emergency number: 155
  • Touristic police number: 00 90 212 527 45 03


  • Akdeniz Saglik Vakfi Hospital: 00 90 242 274 90 01
  • Antalya Hospital: 00 90 242 238 53 53


Monday to Friday de 09:00 - 19:00


The usual airports to reach our hotels are the International Airport of  Antalya and the International Airport of Istambul.

Embassy and Consulates

You will find it on this link

Basic phrases in Turkish

  • Good morning - Günaydin
  • Good evening - Iyi günler
  • Good night - Lyi akshamlar
  • Bye - Güle güle
  • Hello! - Merhaba
  • How are you? - Nasilsiniz
  • Very well - Lyiyim
  • Thank you - Mersi
  • Please- lütfen
  • Yes/No - Evet/Hayir
  • My name is - Benim adim
  • Please, i want to reserve a room -- Ben de otel rezervasyonu istiyorum lütfen.
  • Where is…, please? -- Eger ev nerede...?
  • I need a pen, do you have one? -- Bir kalem gerek, bir mi?
  • Don't worry -- Merak etmeyin, hiçbir sey olmuyor.
  • Glass of water/beer/milk -- Cam su/bira/süt
  • Excuse -- izinle
  • I do not need anything, thanks -- Ben hiçbir sey gerekir. Tesekkür ederim.
  • Restroom -- Banyo
  • I am ill -- Ben hastayim.
  • Do you speak english? -- İngilizce biliyor musunuz?
  • I'm sorry, i don't understand -- Anlamiyorum
  • Can you help me? -- Bana yardimci olabilir misiniz?
  • The bill please – fatura, lütfen
  • I need a taxi, please -- Ben bir taksi lütfen gerek

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