Best Online Price Guarantee
What is the best online price guarantee?
At we want you to book with complete confidence, so we guarantee the lowest online rate available. If you find a lower price on any other website, we will match it and, as compensation, we'll give you an additional 10% off the total cost of your reservation. If you prefer, we can compensate you through our preferential customer program RiuClass by crediting 1000 points to your account.
What happens if I find a lower rate on another website?
Once you've completed your booking through, (or our call centre), you'll have 24 hours to find a better price on other websites with the same characteristics and conditions and to communicate it to us at
Your email should include the following information:

1) Details of the reservation: RIU locator number, arrival date.

2) Client details: full name, nationality, contact phone number (including country code) and email.

3) Details of price found elsewhere on the Net: URL of the website in question, terms and conditions offered, currency, total price of stay, difference claimed.

4) Screen shot of the booking on the other website, showing the following information:

- Booking date and time

- Final price (which appears in the last step of the booking process)

- Hotel name

- Dates of your stay

- Same type of room and package booked with RIU

- Number of people

- Same currency

Once you have sent us this information, you will receive an automatic reply confirming receipt of your email. Our customer services team will contact you within 3 working days to tell you whether or not your request has been accepted, and will match the price of the offer, along with compensation in the form of a refund of 10% of the total cost of your reservation or 1000 Riu Class points.
What do I need to remember?
We will match the price you have found, provided that the two offers are exactly the same, that is: That they are for the same hotel, on the same dates, in the same type of room, on the same basis (e.g. full board), same number and type of guests (adults and children of the same age), same currency, same payment terms and same cancellation policy.
Terms and Conditions
The best online price guarantee is valid only if the following terms are met:
  • Reservations should be made on (or through our call centre) and a RIU locator number obtained.
  • The e-mail must be sent within 24 hours of the RIU booking date and must contain all the information mentioned above with respect to the better price found on another website.
  • Reservations should be for the same hotel and the same type of room.
  • Same arrival date and same number of nights.
  • Same basis (e.g. full board).
  • Same number of adults and children (same ages).
  • Same currency.
  • Same payment terms.
  • Same cancellation policy.
  • The price quoted on the other website must be final, including any fees, taxes, or administration fees applied.
  • The total difference in the two prices must exceed 5 euros.
  • The claim cannot be made less than 3 days before the arrival date.
  • The guarantee refers to the total price of the stay and cannot refer to a partial price of any or all of the days it comprises.
  • All requests shall be processed prior to hotel arrival. Once check in has been made, there will be no refunds.
The best online price guarantee will not be valid in the following cases:
  • Rates not published online
  • Rates for promotional packages or activities with promotional codes
  • Private rates or rates only accessible by user and password.
  • Travel agent rates
  • Corporate rates
  • Reservations made through credit facilities
  • Variations in price due to exchange rates
  • Rates for flight + hotel or package deals
  • Group rates
  • Reservations for the hotels located in Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as the Riu Bonanza Park, Riu Palace Bonanza Playa, and Riu Garoe.
Should you have any doubts, please contact on at