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Type of Ceremonies

Weddings by Riu celebrates three different types of ceremonies: Civil, Symbolic & Renewal of Vows.

  • Civil Ceremonies: Are performed by an official Judge in Spanish, his speech is translated by the On-Site Wedding Coordinator; are legally recognized.
  • Important: Civil weddings are legally recognized in the country where the wedding was performed. As each country has specific requirements, we highly recommend you contact your respective Embassy or Consulate to get the complete information of the procedure that you will have to follow with the purpose of legalize your Marriage Certificate in your country. *Riu Hotels and Resorts is not responsible for this legal procedure.
  • Religious ceremonies (Catholic): Performed by a Catholic Priest which offers a marriage certificate. The ceremony takes from 45 to 50 minutes.
  • Important:

    Catholic ceremonies can take place at Riu Palace Bavaro's Garden Area only, this type of ceremony can not take place on the beach, please note that if you select the Riu Palace Bavaro's Garden Area; additional charges apply for this venue, your on site wedding coordinator will inform you about it.

    This type of ceremony must be requested at least 6 months before the wedding date, in order to be confirmed.

  • Symbolic & Renewal of Vows ceremonies: Are Blessing Ceremonies performed by a Non-denominational Minister and are not legally recognized. No paper work or witnesses are required. After the ceremony, wedding couple will receive a “symbolic” marriage certificate. This wedding takes from 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Important: If you bring a Minister of your own please be aware the price will be the same and the minister must stay for 3 nights minimum.

    In order to apply for a renewal of vows ceremony is a must to send a photocopy from the legal marriage certificate of your home country.


  • At Riu Palace Bavaro you may choose from:
    • • Beach: Maximum capacity 350 persons -
    • • Garden: Maximum capacity 200 persons Beautiful location in Riu Palace Bavaro, used for Catholic ceremonies. Additional charges applies for huppa set up.

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