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Type of Ceremonies

Weddings by Riu in Jamaica celebrates 3 different types of ceremonies: Civil, Symbolic & Renewal of Vows.

  • Civil Ceremonies: Are performed by a local minister and are legally recognized in Jamaica. The couple is free to choose if they require God to be mentioned during the wedding speech or no reference of God to be made. The newlyweds will receive a legal marriage certificate.
  • Important: Civil weddings are legally recognized in the country where the wedding was performed. As each country has specific requirements, we highly recommend you contact your respective Embassy or Consulate to get the complete information of the procedure that you will have to follow with the purpose of legalize your Marriage Certificate in your country. *Riu Hotels and Resorts is not responsible for this legal procedure.
  • Symbolic & Renewal of vows Ceremonies: Symbolic Ceremonies are blessings performed by a Non-denominational Minister and are not legally binding. Renewal of vows are legally recognized in Jamaica and wedding couple must present their legal marriage certificate to the minister on the wedding day in order to perform this ceremony.
  • Important:

    In order for apply to a Renewal of vows is a must to send a legal marriage certificate photocopy to the on site coordinator 45 days prior the wedding date. 

    For a Symbolic Ceremony is mandatory for the Couple to sign a disclaimer stating they are aware that this Ceremony will not be legally recognized, in order to obtain the disclaimer please contact your Weddings Reservations Executive at:


  • Location available at Riu Reggae is:
    • • Beach: Maximum capacity 50 persons  

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