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The 17 meeting rooms at the Hotel Riu Plaza España have been designed especially for you to hold your meetings in the best facilities. With a capacity of up to 1,500 people and facilities that span 3,000 m2, this hotel in Madrid is the perfect venue to ensure your events are a success. What's more, you can book the terrace on floor 26 to make your event truly unforgettable.

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If you need further information about our meeting rooms, fill out the request for a quote or write to us at [email protected]

Capacity chart

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Room Floor Space Height Theater School U-shaped Banquet Cocktail
La Latina161 m23 m105 Pax48 Pax36 Pax60 Pax150 Pax
Cibeles105 m22,7 m190 Pax85 Pax36 Pax70 Pax70 Pax
Puerta del Sol50 m22,7 m46 Pax33 Pax18 Pax30 Pax35 Pax
Cibeles + Puerta del Sol155 m22,7 m236 Pax118 Pax54 Pax100 Pax105 Pax
Plaza Mayor101 m22,7 m90 Pax51 Pax36 Pax70 Pax70 Pax
Chamberi72 m22,7 m82 Pax48 Pax36 Pax60 Pax60 Pax
Neptuno121 m22,7 m182 Pax120 Pax40 Pax70 Pax110 Pax
Puerta de Alcalá45 m22,7 m46 Pax33 Pax18 Pax30 Pax40 Pax
Neptuno + Puerta de Alcalá166 m22,7 m245 Pax160 Pax58 Pax100 Pax150 Pax
Princesa112 m22,7 m90 Pax66 Pax28 Pax60 Pax110 Pax
Colón157 m22,7 m120 Pax99 Pax36 Pax60 Pax150 Pax
Retiro113 m22,7 m105 Pax75 Pax28 Pax60 Pax110 Pax
Princesa + Colón269 m22,7 m210 Pax165 Pax64 Pax120 Pax260 Pax
Princesa + Colón + Retiro382 m22,7 m315 Pax240 Pax92 Pax180 Pax370 Pax
Colón + Retiro270 m22,7 m225 Pax174 Pax64 Pax120 Pax260 Pax
Callao158 m22,7 m105 Pax48 Pax36 Pax60 Pax140 Pax
Gran Vía147 m22,7 m90 Pax45 Pax36 Pax60 Pax120 Pax
Callao + Gran Via305 m22,7 m195 Pax93 Pax72 Pax120 Pax260 Pax
Foyer area720 m22,7 mN/AN/AN/A320 Pax600 Pax
Madrid 1358 m25,25 m350 Pax200 Pax96 Pax220 Pax340 Pax
Madrid 1-2620 m25,25 m600 Pax320 Pax150 Pax370 Pax550 Pax
Madrid 1-31046 m25,25 m1000 Pax520 Pax250 Pax590 Pax850 Pax
Madrid 1-41306 m25,25 m1240 Pax648 Pax320 Pax750 Pax1080 Pax
Madrid 1-51593 m25,25 m1540 Pax798 Pax408 Pax920 Pax1330 Pax
Terraza Madrid 557 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Madrid 2262 m25,25 m250 Pax120 Pax54 Pax150 Pax210 Pax
Madrid 2-3688 m25,25 m650 Pax320 Pax154 Pax370 Pax510 Pax
Madrid 2-4948 m25,25 m890 Pax448 Pax224 Pax530 Pax740 Pax
Madrid 2-51235 m25,25 m1190 Pax598 Pax312 Pax700 Pax990 Pax
Madrid 3426 m25,25 m400 Pax200 Pax100 Pax220 Pax300 Pax
Madrid 3-4686 m25,25 m640 Pax328 Pax170 Pax380 Pax530 Pax
Madrid 3-5973 m25,25 m940 Pax478 Pax258 Pax550 Pax780 Pax
Madrid 4260 m25,25 m240 Pax128 Pax70 Pax160 Pax230 Pax
Madrid 4-5547 m25,25 m540 Pax278 Pax158 Pax330 Pax480 Pax
Madrid 5287 m25,25 m300 Pax150 Pax88 Pax170 Pax250 Pax
Buffet Cervantes1057 m25,25 mN/AN/AN/A450 PaxN/A
Buffet A423 m25,25 mN/AN/AN/A200 PaxN/A
Buffet B439 m25,25 mN/AN/AN/A200 PaxN/A
Planta 21284 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A204 Pax
De Madrid al cielo429 m22,8 mN/AN/AN/AN/A300 Pax
Cielo224 m22,8 mN/AN/AN/AN/A150 Pax
Madrid205 m22,8 mN/AN/AN/AN/A150 Pax
360º594 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A400 Pax
360º A322 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A200 Pax
360º B272 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A200 Pax
Roof Vip31 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A27 Pax
Roof Vip A17 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A15 Pax
Roof Vip B14 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A12 Pax


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