Riu Corporate Club

Riu Plaza Hotels presents Riu Corporate Club, a loyalty program designed exclusively for business executives to recognize their loyalty and thank them for preferring our brand when booking directly with us.

We would love for you to form part of this Club so that we can offer you the incredible benefits you will be awarded as you accumulate points for booking at our Riu Plaza hotels. Our program will also offer you the opportunity to convert your points into cash through our exclusive debit card for program partners.

The benefits we offer you are exclusive and easy to obtain. To be a member of the Riu Corporate Club, you only need to register. We are waiting for you!


Advantages of belonging to our program:

  • As a welcome gift, you will receive 850 point.
  • Exchange your points for cash.
  • Access preferential rates at our Riu Hotels & Resorts beach hotels.
  • Obtain discounts at your local Riu Plaza hotel.
  • Obtain discounts from our commercial partners at local participating establishments..
  • Participate in special activities and events.

If you would like to receive a benefits catalog contact: riucorporateclub@riu.com. Request your personalized Riu Corporate Club card. Use the card at the multiple member establishments and enjoy the benefits you can obtain with your points.

Request your Riu Corporate Club card

Present your card in the various establishments within the scheme and enjoy the benefits you choose, spending your points.

Wellness, beauty treatments and massages


Gift vouchers in various stores


Lunches and dinners in fine restaurants


Events Corporate Club

Riu Corporate Club wants to offer its members the best benefits. To that end, it organizes various exclusive activities for its members so that they can have unique experiences and discover new sensations.

The events offered are fun and are led by professionals in order to guarantee the enjoyment of attendees who are taught new skills and facts which they can apply in their day-to-day life.

Riu Corporate Club Events

Eventos Riu Corporate


The activities which have been organized to date for members of the Club are a clear example of the program's success. Attendees have always been enthusiastic about the activities and given positive feedback regarding their experiences.

The following are some of the events organized for Riu Corporate Club members:

Wine tasting:
Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara organized a special wine tasting session, led by sommelier César Ortiz. He showed the techniques to discover the bouquet and aromas of good wines.
Gourmet chocolate course:
Discovering and experiencing new ways to prepare chocolate was the sweet goal of a course led by the chef of the Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara. It left all attendants with a good taste in their mouth.
Massage course:
Renova and Body Taktik taught shiatsu massage, foot ritual and aromatherapy techniques, in addition to offering sample gift products and raffling 50% discounts on spa services for participants in the activity.
Fruit and vegetable carving course:
There is no healthier way to entertain banquet diners than by presenting food sculpted into original shapes. A&B’s team of chefs showed course attendants surprising techniques to carve fruits and vegetables.

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