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Activities & sports

If your next destination is Formentera, we promise you will not forget your stay. This wonderful island, with high protection on its cultural and natural values , has much to offer its visitors: entertainment, sports, activities and more. We suggest you some interesting options, to spend unforgettable days with your partner, friends or family.

  • The market in La Mola: Also known as Hippie Market, every Wednesday and Sunday afternoons during the summer, you could visit the small village of La Mola. There you will find crafts and curiosities, made by different artists and artisans on the island. An essential stop for any tourist who is interested in a souvenir or a gift, before the back to home.
  • Sant Francesc Xavier: in the town center you'll also find some jewelery stores, souvenirs, typical clothing stores, and restaurants to taste the local cuisine. Nothing more enjoyable than an afternoon discovering the capital of the island, while enjoying the nice weather to stroll along its quiet streets.

Because to good weather and the small size of the island, Formentera offers many possibilities for those who love hiking or cycling, and is possible to discover many paths and walks in his ways, that can be crossed on foot or by bicycle. We propose the following:

Cycling tours

  • S'Estany way: it is a road that runs through a natural area of nearly three kilometers long.
  • Ses Vinyes way: a quiet road that runs through a vineyards area. Approximately 1300m in length.
  • Ses Illetas Way: a 1,900 meters path through the most famous beaches of the island, the dunes, the pine forests and unique views.
  • Old road to La Mola:the road is ideal for cyclists, as it is paved and runs a total of 3000m to reach the Mill d'en Tauet.
  • Port-Sale de Dalt Way: the highlight of this path are, without doubt, the fantastic views along the road. The end of the way leads to the Mill of Sa Mirada.
  • Sa Talaiassa Road: two kilometers of breathtaking views. At the end of the trail you will find at the top of the island, where you take a look at the typical farmhouses of Formentera.

Hiking tours

  • D'en Parra Road: This road runs through an area with nice rustic architecture, stone walls and traditional houses that retain their picturesque style.
  • Sa Pedrera road: a path about 1200m long, leading to a beautiful view of Ibiza and Es Vedra.
  • Roman Road: this stretch of road is bordering on cliffs, and leads the walkers through the woods to enjoy stunning views.

Tournaments and Competitions

  • Formentera mountain bike tour: the race is divided in three stages, with a total of 40km, but the terrain and the elevations are soft on the island, and the mountain bike tour has become a typical ride for families and friends who look for a funny journey.
  • Swimming around Formentera: This tour is organized with solidarity purposes, and gathers a large group of swimmers, organized by swimming relay teams and in three stages.
  • Around Formentera on foot: this event is very popular on the island, is held annually in the fall. A funny and healthy way to promote walking and enjoying nature.
  • Underwater photography Week of Formentera: This event is recruiting more and more fans of diving and underwater photography. An whole underwater world is down there, offering unique images that attract many divers from around the world. At the end of the journey there are prizes for the best photos, and is exposed a great collection at the Museum of Formentera.
  • Electric vehicles Eco Rally in Formentera: in this event you could see some of the zero-emission car models, as well as many recreational activities prepared.
  • Ophiusa race: the Balearic Islands were known in antiquity for being a strategic point of maritime trade for many navigators, and now, following the seafaring tradition of its inhabitants, many sailing competitions are organized. This particular event brings many professionals and amateurs to Formentera, seeking to demonstrate their skills as navigators.

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