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Traveling with Children

Traveling with children is certainly a challenge when planning, and it takes a lot of patience. children find it difficult to enjoy long journeys as much as adults, so Riu Hotels has created a list of tips to help you make your journey peacefully and reach your holiday destination.  


  • Be very patient, be calm on the trip and pay attention to the kids. You can tell stories, jokes and even, if there is time, you can stop occasionally in a park for everyone to have a moment of rest.
    If traveling by car do not forget to make some stops for everyone to relax and stretch your legs, many children need to run some minutes to go in a good mood.
    Avoid traveling during traffic peak hours because the journey is longer and both adults and children will lose patience quickly.
    Traveling at night is ideal for the whole family, as while adults are driving the car, the children are in the back to sleep and rest.
    It is recommended that all family members wear comfortable clothes for the trip, because too many accessories or clothing may become uncomfortable.
    Always carry food and water in the car for the children.

During the trip

  • There is no better way to entertain children than to prepare or buy a small bag of toys for them to play along the way.
  • Prepare a list of activities for the trip, such as: snacks, movies, singing, napping, eating and games. This way the journey will be much more bearable.
  • Prepare a CD or MP3 with a selection of children's songs so they can feel comfortable and can sing.
  • Let them a camera and tell the children that, as a bonus, the best shot will be put on a picture at home. You can keep a funny memory of your trip, and who knows, perhaps you will discover an artist.
  • Prepare a small bag with different snacks and games that you can distribute during the trip, but do not tell them what it contains, and will surprise all the way.
  • Make them a funny interview, ask for his favorite films, sports and characters, so they tell you why they love so much. You can also tell them all you will see in your destination and ask them what is the first thing they would like to do on arrival.

Hotel Riu

  • You can benefit of your stay in our hotels to teach children new things, for example, swimming, hiking to explore the surroundings, collect rocks, shells or just let them know the traditions of the destination, it should be great experience.
  • You will find several activities for children of all ages in our hotels, do not forget to sit with them and decide which ones  can do during the holidays.
  • In most of our ClubHotels you will find families with children, and what better way for a good time to let them play with other children? They will have a great time.
  • There is a lot of ideas for you to have fun on the beach, you can play to bury someone on the sand, make a sand castle, collect shells, play a racket game or water sports.
  • If you prefer to relax, and your kids have a great time, feel free to meet our children's entertainment team RiuLand, a group of professionals who will take care your kids and make your stay unforgettable.


  • Seek and find: you must give them a clue of something you see on the road, and they will have to guess, such as: I see something red and round!
  • Surprise box: get into a bag several objects and toys, give the bag to your children and ask them to look for a particular object.
  • Fingers family: you can paint them different draws in the fingers, with funny faces for them to play and use their imagination by creating their own stories.
  • Forbidden to say: play with them and ask them questions to answer you without using the words Yes or No, you will laugh a lot.
  • Bingo: who do not like a game of Bingo? Give them a sheet with numbers and go saying some until they have a line. perhaps you can give them 5 cents for each game, and then you can buy them later a snack that they like.
  • Once upon a time: a nice story begins with a character who your children like, and then choose who will follow that story. You can take turns and create a brand new story.
  • ABC animals: play with your children and the alphabet, taking turns and naming an animal whose name begins with each letter.
  • Who am I?: Tell your children that you just turn in some kind of animal, and let them guess what animal is by telling the features it has.


When traveling with children we must be sure to carry all the most important things in the bag, to avoid any problems. That is why we offer a list of some of the essential things when traveling with your family.

  • High protection sunscreen.
  • Protective clothing such as caps, hats, etc..
  • Clothing to be light colored and fresh, especially in locations with high humidity.
  • Swimwear comfortable so they could play without problems.
  • Beach toys, buckets, shovels and animal shapes.
  • Some favorite teddy, pillow or blanket you normally use at home in case  of sleepness
  • Toiletries items such as wipes, diapers and moisturizers.
  • Medicines  specific to them.

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