RIU's social commitment consists of its responsibility towards its employees and the community in which it carries out its business. Both are governed by respect and by encouraging personal, economic and professional development.

Recursos Humanos

Since the company began, RIU has considered the people to be its main asset as the service fully depends on the direct relationship between the customer and the staff.

Therefore RIU has always given top priority to job training and internal promotion to ensure a workforce which sees in RIU an opportunity to develop themselves both personally and professionally.

The RIU team is characterised by its loyalty to the company and its identification with its philosophy of service. All this backed up by the Human Resources policy to ensure that we consistently offer our guests the best service on a daily basis.

Commitments Zie alles »

  • Treatment: Guarantee decent and fair treatment, which is respectful and does not allow for any form of discrimination
  • Employment: have in place procedures to guarantee equal opportunities.
  • Development: Encourage the professional performance of employees through objective and transparent processes, promoting training for ongoing improvement.
  • Remuneration: Have in place a remuneration policy and social benefits which are fair and in accordance with the social and regulatory framework.
  • Working relations: Recognise the right to trade union association and membership by establishing a relationship based on dialogue and cooperation..

Objectives Zie alles »

The main specific objectives relating to RIU's staff, as established in the Action Plan in this year, are:

  1. Fulfil the commitments made in the Equality Plan.
  2. Promote access for disabled people.

Measures Zie alles »

To achieve the objectives, the Corporate Social Responsibility team will implement the following measures: 

• Training for Managers and Middle Management in management skills.

• Training for employees on the objectives of the ECPAT code.

Achievements Zie alles »

In 2016, the following achievements were accomplished: 

• Training for Managers and Middle Management in management skills.

Comunidad Local

RIU Hotels & Resorts is a company with a strong involvement in the community in the places in which it operates and as such works to contribute to the improvement and enhanced well-being of its social surroundings, generating opportunities for economic and social development.

Commitments Zie alles »

  • Integration: Respect, support and promote culture, regulations and preservation of the local environment.
  • Collaboration: Maintain a constant dialogue with the local community and social agents to be aware of their needs and contribute to their progress through responsible behaviour.
  • Purchasing: Prioritise the purchase of local products to strengthen the economic and social development of the community, provided that they guarantee the standards relating to quality, price and health and safety criteria.
  • Employment: Prioritize the recruitment of local staff to encourage the development of societies in which the company is present and the enrichment of the cultural diversity of our work teams.
  • Social investment: Establish a collaboration strategy with social entities with the following lines of action:
    • Community support initiatives
    • Biodiversity projects
    • Children's health and well-being programmes
    • Donations of rooms and services

Objectives Zie alles »

The Action Plan sets the following specific objectives for this year:

  1. Boost measurements to support local communities, extending the field of action.
  2. Put in place protocols against the sexual exploitation of children.
  3. Ensure continuity of solidarity projects that have already been launched.

Projects Zie alles »

• Management skills training for middle-management and management teams 

• Implementation of the ECPAT protocol at pending destinations

• Staff training on ECPAT objectives

• Launch of new social projects at new destinations 

• Continuity of the projects of the sponsored entities at all destinations 

• Launch of the UNWTO Code of Ethics 

• Commemorative activities for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

Achievements Zie alles »

In 2016 important achievements were accomplished in diverse destinations related to community area in the CSR Plan. The most important were:

• Sponsorship of social projects and local entities.

• Charitable fundraising for local entities. 

• Donations of accommodation. 

• Emergency aid


RIU Hotels & Resorts is aware that Commercial Sexual Exploitation of minors throughout the world is an issue which involves the tourism industry. For this reason, it supports the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents against Sexual Exploitation in Tourism and Travel (ECPAT). Thanks to this support, RIU is committed to complying with the criteria of the code through actions and good practices aimed at eradicating the problem.

Commitments Zie alles »

  1. Promote Human Rights and, in particular, the Rights of Children.
  2. Reject, reprimand and condemn the exploitation of people, in any of its forms, especially sexual and above all when it affects minors.
  3. Adopt preventative measures to stop the preparation or circulation of tourist programmes which promote or encourage sexual contact with minors.

Objectives Zie alles »

The objectives set by RIU in its effort to fight against this social scourge are as follows:

  1. Establish a company ethical policy against the commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
  2. Train staff in all countries in which it operates.
  3. Introduce a clause in contracts with suppliers establishing the common rejection of the commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
  4. Provide information to customers through informative material and our website.
  5. Provide information to “key local agents” in each destination.
  6. Report annually on the implementation of these points.

Achievements Zie alles »

In 2016, the following achievements were made:

• Training of management and staff in the ECPAT Code: 7.671 people.

• Implementation of action codes ECPAT in Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Dominican Rep. & Panamá 

• 680 ECPAT clause to centralized procurement suppliers.