Casamentos e cerimónias que deixam a sua marca no vosso amor

Type of Ceremonies

At Riu Palace Aruba 3 different types of ceremonies are held: Symbolic, Renewal of Vows and Civil*. *Civil weddings available with additional cost.

  • Civil Ceremonies (Legal)
    Are performed by a Judge and are legally recognized. After the ceremony, the couple will receive a declaration of marriage translated into english; this translation is not legally recognized for international purposes. The civil ceremony will be performed at the City Hall on a weekday (Monday to Friday), only in the morning (10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.) and includes a Symbolic ceremony at the Hotel on the same day, in the afternoon (5:00 pm or 6:00 pm). Ground transportation to the City Hall is included only for the Bride & Groom (round trip).

  • Importante: Civil weddings are legally recognized in the country where the wedding was performed. As each country has specific requirements, we highly recommend you contact your respective Embassy or Consulate to get the complete information of the procedure that you will have to follow with the purpose of legalize your Marriage Certificate in your country. *Riu Hotels and Resorts is not responsible for this legal procedure.    

  • Symbolic & Renewal of vows ceremonies: Are Blessing Ceremonies performed by a Minister and are not legally recognized. No paper work is required. After the ceremony, you will receive a “symbolic” marriage certificate.

  • Importante: Riu Hotels & Resorts prides itself on the reliability of our properties which always welcome cultural diversity, please note that our Riu properties in Aruba perform symbolic same-sex weddings.


  • At Riu Palace Aruba you may choose from:
    • • Beach: Capacidade máxima 150 pessoas  
    • • Gazebo: Capacidade máxima 75 pessoas  
    • • Garden: Capacidade máxima 150 pessoas

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