RIU Hotels & Resorts held an informative event today at the hotel Riu Playa Park in Playa de Palma to share its 2023 CSR goals and its results related to sustainability and social investment. Carmen Riu, CEO of RIU; Lola Trián, Head of Sustainability; and Catalina Alemany, director of CSR gave speeches at the event, which was attended by the media and the company’s collaborators from the voluntary sector. The 2022 Sustainability Report was also presented, as well as a round-up of the company’s CSR actions during the year.

In 2022, RIU invested a total of 2,264,689 euros in 71 projects carried out alongside 64 strategic partners. The main line of action continued to be childhood (accounting for 54% of the total investment), primarily through health, social development and education projects. These projects directly benefited 42,636 children and indirectly helped 94,093 people. The goal for 2023 is quite ambitious as this investment is to be nearly doubled with an additional 1,566,000 euros.

During the event, Carmen Riu discussed the new direction toward a culture of sustainability experienced by RIU’s CSR team, a new direction which led to a new concept: sensible sustainability. All of this is the result of dialogues and internal reflections, which laid the foundations to create RIU’s new sustainability strategy. She also noted that since 2019, the CSR department has grown and become more professional, the result of the strategic process taking place in the sustainability and social investment areas.

For her part, Lola Trian shared the results obtained in sustainability operations in 2022 and the ambitious challenges set for 2023. These challenges notably include creating a sustainability strategy, incorporating a supervisor at hotels (100 hotels, 100 supervisors) to help fulfil these goals, food circularity, food waste certification, process digitisation and sustainability training for personnel, among other initiatives.

Catalina Alemany followed suit with the results of social investments in 2022 and challenges for 2023. The priorities for the coming year are focused on bolstering community relationships, thereby strengthening our existing commitments. Other notable priorities include process digitisation and continuing to work with the Riu Method. The method was developed with ESCP Business School, which will now help oversee the projects.

Carmen Riu was responsible for closing the event, focusing once again on the new sustainability strategy. It needs to fit into a strong, well-established corporate culture, the basis for RIU’s success in business. She again spoke about a new concept: working prudently, moderately and serenely but also with passion, never losing sight of the need to fulfil our commitments by the established deadline. The company continues to have its sights on the future in an effort to continue moving towards the type of CSR that it has designed.

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About RIU: The international RIU chain was founded in Mallorca by the Riu family in 1953 as a small holiday firm and is still owned by the family’s third generation. The company specialises in holiday resorts and over 75% of its establishments offer its acclaimed All Inclusive by RIU service. With the inauguration of its first city hotel in 2010, RIU is expanding its range of products with its own line of city hotels called Riu Plaza. RIU Hotels & Resorts now has 96 hotels in 20 countries. In 2022, the chain welcomed 6 million guests and provided jobs for a total of 34,215 employees. RIU is currently the world’s 32nd ranked chain, one of the Caribbean’s most popular, the second largest in Spain in terms of revenue and the fourth largest in number of rooms.

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