The greatest assets RIU Hotels & Resorts has are its people and a philosophy based on the idea of “service with a heart”, placing customer well-being at the centre of all its activities. The company is fully con dent of the capabilities of its employees, and therefore prioritises their development and training.

RIU’s social commitment encompasses the company’s responsibility towards guests, its human team and the local community in which it operates. Discover below some of the key data that shows people as one of the main values of the company.



Since the beginning of RIU Hotels’ CSR, childhood has been the priority line of social investment. Regarding the well-being, health and education of the little ones, the company has created and collaborated in numerous projects in places where its hotels are located or in those areas where humanitarian support has been needed. In addition, the company and its team pay special attention to the protection of children to avoid sexual exploitation in tourism.

projects intended for children


Ban Uni Man pa Cria nos Muchanan

Since 2019 – Aruba

Organisation helping to feed the most vulnerable schoolchildren on the Trai Merdia programme. RIU is responsible for funding lunch for 80 children who form part of the Trai Merdia after-school programme for three years.


SVGA -Stichting voor Verstandelijk Gehandicapten Aruba

Since 2019 – Santa Cruz, Aruba

Association that works on motor stimulation with boys and girls with disabilities on the island of Aruba. With the support of RIU, a physical therapist has been hired with an annual salary for a period of three years.

Cape Verde

Casa Solidariedade Espargos

Since 2019 – Espargos, Cape Verde

Social centre hosting 200 children aged up to 15 years old, most of them the children of hotel employees, to help improve their situation while their parents are at work. RIU has cofinanced the remodelling of the centre with other hotel groups based in Cape Verde.

Costa Rica

Clínica Pediátrica de Artola (Artola’s Paediatric Clinic)

Since 2019 – Artola, Costa Rica

RIU is responsible for the remodelling of this medical centre which attends to children aged up to 14 and sponsors the personnel expenses for medical staff.

The clinic conducts an average of 70 consultations per month and can offer preventative care to around 5,000 children.

Dominican Republic

Centro Educativo Segunda Milla, Ciudad De Dios

Since 2019 – Bavaro, Dominican Republic

Focused on educating and supporting boys and girls in their schooling, nutrition and psychological health, providing moral and physical support so that children have the tools they need to become part of society in a dignified way. The Segunda Milla School applies its support programme in the community and sponsors the education of 400 children.


Negril Orthopaedic Clinic

Since 2009 – Negril, Jamaica

RIU Hotels sponsors the lease and maintenance of this clinic which treats children with orthopaedic injuries and provides free accommodation for volunteer doctors from Canada and USA.

Since it opened, 23 missions by American and Canadian specialists have been carried out.

In 2019, 86 patients were treated and 208 orthopaedic devices were provided.


Dr. Sonrisas

Since 2016 – Mexico

RIU offers free stays in its hotels to families and children undergoing treatment for complicated or serious illnesses.

39 stays were donated for 115 people including children, tutors and volunteers.

Fundación Aitana (Aitana’s Foundation)

Since 2015 – Cancun, Mexico

Sponsorship of transport to hospital for sick children to receive medical treatment, and also assistance in the construction of the Casa Aitana, and coverage of all the cost
of children’s chemotherapy medication at Cancún Hospital since 2018.

476 beneficiaries of this association in 2019.

RIU helped in the transfer of 65 children to hospital.

42 children received their chemotherapy treatment and 18 new cases were diagnosed.

Manos que Sanan

Since 2017 – Mexico

RIU help with accommodation in its hotels, welcoming sick children and their families with open arms and making the days they spend in the hotel an unforgettable holiday.

Donations of stays for 38 sick children and 44 adults.


Save the Children “Ludotecas” Project

Since 2019 – Cancun, Mexico

RIU sponsors this recreational space in Cancun where around 40 boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 learn cognitive skills and how to act in different situations such as: violence, sexual abuse, child labour, commercial sexual exploitation and addiction.


Campaner Foundation

Since 1996 – Republic of Niger

RIU works with this NGOs focused on the eradication of NOMA, covering the operating and maintenance costs of the services of two reception centres in Niger, a higher education centre, a medical centre and a primary school

14 children live in the reception centre in Diffa, 34 in Niamey, and care is provided to 40 people on average every day at the Diffa outpatient centre.


Ayuda en Acción “Here Too” Project

Since 2017- Mallorca, Spain

RIU provides grants for breakfast and sports activities for students in several schools in Mallorca.

Grants for lunch for 10 students, coordination of extracurricular activities for more than 100 children, and work experience for women taking part in the social and workplace insertion programme.


Ayuda en Acción “Here Too” Project

Since 2019 – Madrid, Spain

Throughout the school year, RIU supports the “Calm Spaces” project to provide psychosocial care for primary school students in two educational centres in Madrid.

26 children and 15 families get access to free therapeutic resources.

Cruz Roja Española (Spanish Red Cross)

Since 2019 – Madrid, Spain

RIU assists this humanitarian organisation in the “Early Childhood” project consisting of a number of initiatives to support families at risk of social exclusion in the upbringing of their children aged up to 6.

120 families (250 people) participate.


Since 2017 – Mallorca, Spain

RIU sponsors the therapeutic activity of this NGO in the Llar d’Infància de Es Pil·larí, using performing arts to educate and motivate children who cannot live in their family environment.


Joan Riu School and Children’s Residence

Since 1980 – Girona, Spain

RIU covers the costs of the school and its temporary residential care service help care for boys and girls with serious disabilities who cannot be cared for at home.

23 children have stayed at the Joan Riu residence in 2019.

50 patients have been treated at the Special Education School.

Make a Wish

Since 2016 – Spain

RIU helps by contributing accommodation for children who are receiving medical treatment, organising activities and  transfers, and welcoming families to hotels with the greatest affection.

In November, Dídac’s dream came true when he visited New York. He and his family spent three unforgettable days staying at the Riu Plaza New York Times Square.

Pequeño Valiente, Children with Cancer

Since 2014 – Gran Canaria, Spain

This Spanish foundation offers children with cancer and  their  families  all the support they need and the best conditions possible to try to improve the quality of life of children and adults during their illness.

Since 2014, RIU Hotels has sponsored two flats, one in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria and another in Santa Cruz in Tenerife, to accommodate families away from home.


Pro Nins + Mater Misericordiae

Since 1988 – Mallorca, Spain

RIU collaborates with this association, focused on helping children with disabilities.

Save the Children  “Atención a Childhood” Project

Since 2019 – Madrid, Spain

This takes place in a help centre in Madrid which helps promote child development in the early years of their life. The direct beneficiaries of the programme sponsored by RIU are 65 children and 30 mothers. Individual assistance sessions are also held for each family.

Sonrisa Médica

Since 2013 – Mallorca, Spain

RIU Hotels finances the work done by this association of hospital clowns at Son Llàtzer.

Visits to 4,380 children and their companions, 11,902 adults and work with 7,691 healthcare workers.

local community

One of RIU Hotels’ commitments is to help and support those local communities in which it operates around the world. For this reason, it works on projects in collaboration with multiple NGOs with the goal of improving the quality of life and promoting the social development of people with fewer resources.

Projects in local communities


Antidrug Foundation Aruba, Fada

Since 2019 – Aruba

Cooperation in the fight against drug addiction and other addictive behaviours. RIU covers transportation costs, event rooms and their set-up, as well as free accommodation.


Hands for Hunger

Since 2019 – Bahamas

For eight months after Hurricane Dorian, RIU sponsored the purchase of groceries and essential goods such as items for
babies, thousands of bottles of water, nonperishable canned food, energy foods, etc.

Cape Verde

África Avanza

Since 2014 – Cape Verde

Free accommodation and all-inclusive meals in RIU hotels for Spanish doctors and collaborators who receive visits and do operations in Cape Verde.

212 operations, 1,122 visits and check-ups were carried out.

Dominican Republic


Since 2015 – Dominican Republic

RIU is founding member of this project that pursues the social development of the community through the training and
employment of young people at risk of exclusion or disadvantaged people.

5 editions of CHANCE has produced 66, 28, 57, 48 and 66 graduates (265 in total)


The Spanish Jamaican Foundation

Since 2006 – Jamaica

RIU is a member of this foundation that strengthens ties between Spain and Jamaica through educational, environmental, cultural and health projects for the community.

RIU sponsors the food for the students of a soccer academy and also supports numerous sports, training and cultural activities related to the Spanish language.


Coco’s Bienestar Animal. Cat Café Project

Since 2012 – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Cat Café project run by RIU hotels together with COCO’s, controls overpopulation among cats and dogs, and controls the rodent population reducing health risks to people.

Mano Amiga

Since 2019 – Cancun, Mexico

RIU covers up to 80% of the monthly fixed tuition costs of students in this educational centre in Cancun where children and
young people with less opportunities get access to comprehensive training tools.

36 students benefited from this scholarship.


Canary Islands Breast Cancer and Gynaecology Association

Since 2010 – Gran Canaria, Spain

RIU collaborates with donations of accommodation, sponsorships and use of its hotel facilities for events to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Total number of beneficiaries: 1,425

Els Ferrerets

Since 2014 – Mallorca, Spain

RIU Hotels is the sponsor of the Els Ferrerets de Mallorca cycling team made up mostly of company employees. The chain pays for the equipment of the entire team and most promotional activities.

43 members and 52 official outings.

Impulsa Foundation

Since 2016 – Mallorca, Spain

Strategic project run by the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), the Balearic Islands Government and a group of business leaders representing the region, including RIU Hotels, which aims to boost the islands’ global competitiveness.


JSF Travel & Tourism

Since 2017 – Mallorca

International business school created by the Junípero Serra Foundation in 2002, of which RIU and other companies in the travel industry are sponsors as it specialises in training in travel for executives.

Palma 365

Since 2014 – Mallorca, Spain

Non-profit public organisation focused on tourism and the international promotion of the island of Mallorca, made up of the Palma City Council, the Balearic Islands Port Authority and 28 private companies, including RIU Hotels.

Palma Beach

Since 2016 – Mallorca, Spain

Platform formed by entrepreneurs from Playa de Palma, including RIU Hotels, to promote excellence through activities and events of various kinds and better quality in the area through the implementation of a new and sustainable tourism model.


Procycling Camp, RIU Team

Since 2016 – Gran Canaria, Spain

Professional cycling team sponsored by RIU Hotels and made up of riders of three different nationalities, including some members of the RIU team in the Canary Islands.

92 wins, 115 podiums, 1 Spanish championship and 9 in the Canary Islands


Mimi Na Wewe Foundation

Since 2019 – Zanzibar, Tanzania

RIU has allocated resources to this community organisation to increase the capacity of primary schools in Chaani, adapt existing classrooms and build toilets.

the riu TEAM

The greatest assets RIU Hotels & Resorts has are its people and a philosophy based on the idea of “service with a heart”, placing customer well-being at the centre of all its activities. The company is fully confident of the capabilities of its employees, and therefore prioritises their development
and training.




(31.270 in 2019)

* During 2020 the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 caused the closure of many hotels, thus causing this reduction of part of the team.


our guests

The RIU Hotels priority has always been our guests
satisfaction, as that is the basis of our business success.

Success is based on the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), consisting of a survey carried out by an independent company that reflects the opinions of guests about all the hotel departments. This system that offers comparable and reliable data that is then analysed to deal with any problems and define areas for improvement.

76% Very satisfied customers

+2% Increase in the annual goal