sustainability certification

Since 2012, RIU Hotels have been certified under the international TRAVELIFE certification programme, specialised in sustainability management for the travel industry, which guarantees responsible management and compliance with all our sustainability commitments.

certification Requirements


  • Best practices in organisational policy.
  • Human rights.
  • Employee relations and work conditions.
  • Environment.
  • Compliance with legislation.
  • Local development.
  • Commitment to communities and customers.

   Travelife Certifications

80 hotels

80 hotels

80 hotels

How does a RIU hotel earn TRAVELIFE certification?

1. Collection of data on water or energy use in hotels and implementation of measures to control waste and dangerous substances.

2. Publication of codes of ethics and technical reports by teams responsible for the hotel’s environmental, social and human resources management.

3. On-site monitoring by an independent auditor. Each hotel must meet the program requirements to earn certification.

4. TRAVELIFE prepares a report that assesses the progress and deficiencies found in each hotel.

5. The actions required to improve the strategy of each hotel are defined based on the auditor’s report.

6. Gold Award certification is granted if the hotel meets the TRAVELIFE international standards and complies with best practices in environmental and social management.

23 TUI Umwelt Champion

Awards 2019

Since they were created in 1996, the primary objective of the TUI Umwelt Champion Awards is to recognise the hotels that best meet technical and organisational requirements in sustainable and responsible hotel management.